We always get confused while thinking about the option that blocks the excess heat during summers. From a wide range of options, picking the best option can seem to be challenging at times. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out. If you want something that can help you get quality sleep and incredible energy savings, you should consider the following tips. Many options, such as blackout curtains, curtains clips, have emerged as a convenient choice in residential and commercial areas. Apart from choosing the Draft Enders Curtain Clips to keep heat out, you can use several other methods to maintain cooling. If you work a night shift or have a baby at your home, you must consider the following tips for effective cooling.

  • Use Blackout Curtains

If you have never done shopping for curtains, you might not be aware of the blackout curtains. Blackout curtains block the sunlight or heat coming from the windows. Using blackout curtains provides homeowners an immense feeling of peace and comfort. Homeowners can also apply curtains clips to prevent light from entering the corners and save energy consumption. Besides, it also helps save lots of energy wastage and contributes to environmental conservation. Hence you can pick the Draft Enders Curtain Clips for heat control.

  • Curtains Clips

Sometimes light can easily pass through the sides of the curtains and can give you a sleepless night. However, using curtain clips will help keep the drape closed and prevent excess heat and noise from entering from the sides. Curtain clips are one of the cost-effective and reliable methods. By spending a considerable amount on the curtain clips, you can help to save thousands on your energy bill. So you can consider buying them to get quality sleep and a more relaxed environment!

  • Painting Roof With White Color

This method might require an expert and permission from the local administration. Painting your entire roof with white color can help maintain the whole home’s cooling. Even studies have confirmed that houses with white rooms have more cooling from inside than the roofs with dark colors.

  • Fix All The Leakages

We can’t tolerate the leakage of warm air in the winters; similarly, we don’t want cool air to leak from our homes during summer. If you have cracks and holes around the corners of windows and doors, fix them up. Else they can help in escaping the cool air from your home.

  • Installing New Insulation:

Fixing the cracks in doors and windows helps prevent air leakage. Similarly, installing new insulation also helps in preventing air leaks. Perfect insulation always helps maintain a more relaxed environment and adds a substance to your home.

  • Installing Solar Films

You can consider adding solar films to your windows. Solar film minimizes the chance of light transfer from the windows and ensures the home’s cooling. Besides, applying solar films on the windows can enhance your house’s exterior look and contribute to renewable energy.

  • Using Reflective Material

Another cost-effective and probably more straightforward way to prevent heat transfer is using a windshield cover to prevent light from entering our room. It will help to reflect the heat away from your room. You can apply tinfoil on the windows while fixing them with scotch tape.

  • Using White Towel On Windows:

It might sound weird if you are looking for a cheap and simple way to block heat from the windows. Try hanging a towel on your windows on the curtain rod, and you are good to go. You can easily remove them and wash the towel whenever you want.

  • Keep Doors And Windows Open At Night:

You can open all the doors and windows after sunset to release all the hot air outside the room. It will remove the hot air that was accumulated during the daytime. The cool air in the night will help eradicate the warmth and form a soothing and peaceful environment.

  • Replace Air Filter:

Air Filter helps remove the dirt and debris from the room, and most of the time, the debris and dust start accumulating around the air filter. We often tend to ignore the air filter. Clogging of the dust impacts the air conditioner unit’s performance, so whenever you spot dust accumulating around the air filter, consider replacing it with a new one.

  • Don’t Use Heavy Appliances In Daytime.

Whenever you use heavy appliances such as a dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine, and so on, they help generate more heat inside the home. Try to use these appliances during the evening to maintain your home’s cooling during a hot day.

  • Don’t Use Incandescent Light Bulbs:

Besides using all the above methods to stop heat transfer, make sure to replace incandescent light bulbs with the CFL or LED. Incandescent light bulbs consume more energy and produce more heat than others. Using greener bulbs will help you make your home cool in the summer heat and save your energy expenses.


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