A hinge is a metal object designed to join two different things. It allows the attached items to move at a particular angle of rotation. For example, when a door connects to its base, it rotates at a specific angle if someone opens it. Hinges come in different shapes and sizes, like 5-1/2″ OD for other use cases.

Also, hinges are of different types like barrel hinge, butt hinge, case hinge, butterfly hinge, etc. So, keep reading to know how to choose the right one that best fits your needs.

While hinges are of different styles, you need to choose them wisely to install them in your door or any other place. If your door is lightweight, you can install a light hinge. On the other hand, you should buy a heavy door hinge if the door is heavy.

After all, doors aren’t the only things in which hinges of sizes like 5-1/2 INCH are used. There are many more applications of hinges in day-to-day life. For example, it is used in gates, window shutters, and lids.

Finally, we came to know that hinges are available for various applications. That is why it becomes vital to know about them.

11 types of hinges and their applications

  1. Butt hinge or Mortise hinge

A butt hinge or mortise hinge is a type of hinge in many sizes like 5″ OD. It is one of the hinges that is mainly used on doors. It looks like two separate leaves in which one is attached to the door, and the other is to the base. This hinge type includes a simple hinge, ball-bearing hinge, and spring-loaded hinge.

  1. Ball-bearing hinge

A ball bearing hinge comes with lubricated bearings used to minimize the friction happening due to doors. If you plan to install a heavy door, you can install this hinge.

  1. Spring-loaded butt hinge

If you want your door shut automatically behind you, install a spring-loaded hinge. This hinge type is formed so that it can open and close with varying degrees of tension.

  1. Rising butt hinge 

If you install a rising butt hinge, it will leave the door up to ½-inch so it can easily pass through the thick carpet. Always choose the right size of hinge-like 5-1/2″ OD so it can properly fit your door.

  1. Barrel hinge

Barrel hinges are widely used in wooden boxes and cabinets. You can install this hinge where you do not show the hinge from view. The install process requires you to buy the correct size of hinge-like 5-1/2 INCH and drill some holes.

  1. Concealed hinge

As the name says, this hinge has been designed in a way so it can hide. It doesn’t come in the way of the beauty of your fine furniture and cabinetry. This hinge type can also close itself with the help of home screws. To start the installation, buy the right size of hinge-like 5″ OD.

  1. Knife hinge

You can locate knife or pivot hinges in cabinets. It looks like scissors with two different parts. Materials like brass or stainless steel are used to make knife hinges.

  1. Overlay hinge

Overlay hinges reduce the thickness added by other hinges. It is readily available in the market in sizes like 5-1/2 INCH.

  1. Offset hinge

An offset hinge is an easy and affordable way to broaden a doorway. It can create a passage of up to 2-inches by moving the door. You can utilize this space to adjust some furniture in your home.

  1. Piano hinge

It is a long hinge known as a piano hinge. It is not used in piano just because of its name. You can install it anywhere to meet the need of a long hinge like a storage bench or toy box.

  1. Strap hinge

You can see strap hinges on gates. You can use them to hang large doors and gates pleasingly. Strap hinges are made of materials like stainless steel and brass.


Now you know the different types of hinges and their usage. You can now make effective decisions about the correct type of hinge you need to install in your doors or cabinets.


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