Are you planning to get down on one knee in the near future? Have you picked out a ring? Or maybe your anniversary or a special occasion is coming up? Well, buying a piece of diamond jewelry can be a brain-racking process. After all, it can be quite an investment, and you want to make sure that your partner loves the piece you choose for them.

But before you buy a diamond cross pendant online in NY, have you wondered why people always prefer a diamond as an ideal representation of their love for their partner? Let’s see.


You see, diamond rings weren’t always the norm. Fun fact: In ancient times, silver and bronze were more expensive than gold and diamond due to their unique luster. So, how did the whole tradition of diamond rings on engagement proposals started?

In 1477 Austria, the archduke Maximillian commissioned the artisans and craftsmen in his kingdom to give the first-ever recorded diamond ring to his beloved Mary of Burgundy. This started a trend that spread like wildfire among the European nobility and aristocracy. Then during the Victorian era, art was at its peak. The nobility further made their ornaments more exquisite by combining their diamond with other gemstones.

In the 1940s, De Beers started a marketing campaign with the title ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, in which the diamond represents the longevity of love. It is considered one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever and is the reason why diamonds have become so mainstream in the United States of America.


But you might wonder, ‘why should I buy an 18k gold diamond cross pendant online? Are there any practical benefits to it?’. Let’s find out.

  • Durability

You might already know this, but diamond is the hardest element on our planet, even though it is made purely out of carbon atoms, the same thing with which the softest element, graphite, is formed. The only thing separating these two elements is the arrangement of carbon atoms.

So, if you buy a diamond cross pendant online in NY, you don’t have to worry about the jewelry deteriorating. What’s more, unlike gold or silver, which can oxidize due to moisture, diamond is irresistible to most chemical and physical changes.

  • Safe investment

While jewelry might not be your first preference for an investment, the truth is, it is considered to be one of the safest investments. How so? You see, unlike real estate, equity shares, cryptocurrencies, etc., for which the demand can dip at any moment, it is not the same for diamonds. Diamonds are somewhat rare, so the demand for them always exceeds their supply in the market, leading to stable or even increased prices.

  • A perfect gift

When it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with a piece of exquisite diamond jewelry, like the diamond cross pendant available online in NY. Its exotic look justifies its price, and as mentioned above, there are few things in the world that can represent love as perfectly as a diamond.

Buying Diamond Online

Gone are the days when the internet was solely used to get information from Wikipedia or read articles on your favorite blog. As technology became more sophisticated, so did the use of the internet. Recently, e-commerce has exploded worldwide. Now you can buy anything, including a sapphire cocktail ring for sale in NY while sitting on your couch. But how do you ensure that you receive genuine products while buying jewelry online?

First and foremost, shopping from a reputable and authentic brand is crucial. But how do you verify the authenticity of the brand? First and foremost, you can do a quick background check on the brand. This includes going through their about us section, checking out their social media page, or even contacting them via the information given on their site. Next, you need to have a clear picture of what you are looking for in your mind. This can help you from getting overwhelmed with all the options available to you and help you get precisely what you are looking for. What’s more, you can read the product description and check out the media provided by the seller to know more about the product before you buy it.


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