Bed Bugs

It is a common myth that bed bugs cannot be seen with naked eyes. Even though the bed bugs are tiny pests, they can be seen. Knowing how bigger the bed bug is will help you identify the bed bug presence, so you can approach the exterminator for the bed bug treatment.

Bed bugs are about the size of the half apple seed, but they can be up to the size of the apple seed after feeding the human blood. At the early stage of life, they are harder to be seen as they are very small and are almost translucent. In that case, you have to carefully look for them. Their sizes change at each stage.  

Bed bug eggs

Bed bug eggs are very small, and they grow after they hatch and start feeding the blood. Eggs are hidden by bed bug clusters and are almost the size of .5 to 1mm with a pearl white color.

Bed bug eggs are hatched in areas where the bed bugs hide. Sometimes, they hide in hard-to-reach areas like crevices, cracks, and holes. Since bed bug eggs are very tiny, the commonly used chemicals may not kill them easily. In that case, the use of heat treatment is recommended to kill the bed bug eggs.

Nymph bed bugs

Baby bed bugs or nymphs go through the five stages before they become adults. Their appearance gets changed every time they feed blood.

At the early stage of a nymph, bed bugs are still the size of a pinhead or about 1.5mm. They gain dark color after every meal. It is almost impossible to see before they feed blood.

As the nymph enters the second stage, they become 2mm in size. They grow up to 2.5mm when reaching the 3rd stage. Likewise, they grow to 3mm as they reach the 4th stage, and then 4.5 mm in the 5th stage. Every time they feed blood, they reach a new stage and leave their old body castings.

The adult bed bugs

It will take 6 weeks for the nymphs to reach their adult size. Fecal spots on your bedsheets are the signs that bed bugs are feeding your blood and slowly mounting into the next stage.

After a few weeks, the adult bed bugs start laying eggs. This cycle continues if you don’t identify the bed bugs and address this problem. The average size of the adult bed bug can range from ¼ to 3/16 of an inch long, which is possible to see with naked eyes.

Identify the bed bug in your home

If you are not aware of how they appear, when they feed, where they hide, it is next to impossible to detect the bed bugs. They feed off your blood when you are asleep. Dark red spots on your neck and arms are signs of bed bug presence in your home. 

In order to detect bed bugs, you should check your mattress, box spring, bed frame, and furniture nearby your bed. Since your blood is the only meal for the bed bugs, they will hide almost nearby you. After getting the meal, the bed bugs appear reddish-brown, which makes the adult bed bugs easier to see. 

Choose professional bed bug services

After confirming their presence, it is time to remove the bed bugs from your home. Ignoring the bed bug removal can be troublesome. 

Professional bed bug removal service is the most effective way to eliminate the bed bug from your home or office. There is a huge difference between removing the bed bug by own or professional bed bug control company. Professionals are equipped with cutting-edge tools and implement innovative techniques to remove bed bugs.

If your office has bed bug issues, then seek commercial pest services in Phoenix AZ, where many bed bug pest control companies operate and claim to thoroughly eliminate the bed bugs, leaving no traces behind. Hence, quickly seek a professional bed bug removal service if you confirm the bed bug presence in your home or office.


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