Plastic is indeed one of the widely used materials globally because of many valid reasons. It is used in manufacturing thousands of different products right from bottles, clothing, electrical products, furniture, vehicles, etc. But unfortunately, it has an increased amount of used plastic waste in landfills. The single-use plastic is highly responsible for mounting landfills. Plastic can take anywhere 450 years to decompose, which is a big concern. Plastic waste is entering the sea and affecting marine life. It is contaminating the soil and water bodies.

There are two major ways to minimize plastic waste. Either we should restrict the use of plastic or give a second thought to plastic recycling. Here we will discuss plastic recycling. Since many industries are highly dependent on plastic use, it is very difficult to completely restrict the use of plastic. Such industries can collaborate with the plastic recycling company for plastic recycling.

Following are the benefits of plastic recycling;

  • Plastic is a non-biodegradable material and poses a threat to humans and our environment. Plastic waste blocks and pollutes the water bodies. So, rather than letting the plastic turns into plastic waste, recycle it and preserve the environment.
  • Many booming industries use recycled plastic as a raw material to manufacture a range of products.
  • If the plastic waste is recycled timely, the amount of plastic waste in landfills will get reduced to a big extent. Since landfill spaces are depleting rapidly, the recycled will preserve the landfill space used for different purposes like agriculture, human settlement, and many economic activities.
  • Recycling plastic requires less energy and effort than manufacturing it from scratch. As a result, a lot of energy can be saved, and this energy can be used for other important things.
  • Collecting and recycling plastic waste creates many job opportunities and opens new businesses with a huge profit margin. Plastic recycling business a long-term business opportunity and can contribute to the economy in the long run.
  • Manufacturing plastic from scratch requires a lot of energy than the products manufactured from recycled plastic. Likewise, the manufacturing process from scratch requires also require natural resources like petroleum, water, coal, and natural gas as a raw material. These natural resources can be saved by switching to recycled plastic. As per the latest data, around 40% of petroleum consumption can be reduced by recycling plastic waste.
  • Recycling plastic also promotes sustainable living. The business largely impacts the lifestyle of the communities they operate. If the business considers plastic recycling and creates awareness among their stakeholders about the positive sides of using recycled plastic, they are supposed to bring a change towards preserving the environment.

Process of recycling the plastic waste

The recycling process is simple and consumes far lesser energy than using the plastic manufactured from scratch. So, let’s understand the process of plastic recycling.

  • Collection– The plastic waste is collected at collection centers, where tons of scrap plastic is collected regularly. This scrap of plastic waste is then sent to a collecting yard. Then the scrap plastic pieces are packed and transported to the plastic processing plant.
  • Sorting– In this step, the plastic items are sorted based on their colors and resin content. The machines are used to sort the plastic based on their resin content.
  • Shredding– After successfully sorting, the plastic is shredded into tiny pieces and flakes. The light and heavier flakes are separated in the machine to make sure different plastics are not mixed up.
  • Cleaning– Pieces are flakes are washed separately with detergents to remove debris and contamination. The flakes and chunks are further processed to separate the plastic resin types and dried later.

Final thoughts

Different industries worldwide have realized the importance of recycling plastic in terms of business growth and protect the environment. Hence, if you operate a company that produces plastic waste, or you are looking to use recycled plastic as a raw material for making various products like scrap plastic pallets, it is high time to reach out to the plastic recycling company in your area. It would be a great step towards protecting natural resources and ultimately the environment.


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