The rise in operational costs of keeping your fleet up and running is eating into your financial resources. Other than improving fleet efficiency and reducing expenses, you are left with no other option. You will have to find a way out. With an onboard bucket loader scale, you have the perfect solution in place. The scale in question provides:

  • Accurate information related to the load in real-time.
  •  It helps to save you precious time.
  • Better utilization of the resources.


Besides, you will be better positioned to utilize the wheel loader and trucks, which translates into more revenue.

Bucket loader scales are designed to help you get the accurate load weight once the load is picked up. The scale uses dual sensor indicators, which makes the system highly efficient and reliable.

If you are looking for ways to improve the profit margin of your bucket loader service, you must have a good understanding of the actual pick-up costs and that of the landfill and transfer station fees.

With better optimization of your bucket loader, you will be able to increase productivity. It is only possible when you make it a point to rely on the bucket loader scale.

What is a loader scale capable of? 

If you don’t make it a point to change your tactics, your business will not be in a position to generate profit. It would help if you had an onboard mechanism that gives precise and accurate information.

For instance, the AccuLoad Model LTWS- 12 loader scale by American ForkLift Scale offers a complete and integrated weighing solution. It comes complete with rugged load weight light sensors, precision electronics, in-cab displays, wireless connectivity, GPS tracking, as well as Google Mapping technology to keep you in the loop. Moreover, the load management software can be easily integrated with the data management products and processes.

You can use the system to check the weight load of every bucket loader, as well as a front- loader. So, you will have access to the whole record of weights, which you can utilize to boost overall productivity.

Having an onboard weighing scale in place means you are not anymore required to move to the next static weighbridge to check if it is overloaded or under-loaded. Other than saving you’re your money on fuel and other additional costs. Apart from reducing the risk of overload fines, it prevents you from having any liability. Other than making your client happy, you will be in a better position to enhance your fleet efficiency.

Key features of the onboard weighing system

  • Offers real-time data intelligence on the bucket load.
  • Superior weighing accuracy using Advanced Hydraulic Pressure Curve Technology.
  • Helps you to keep track of the speed of the arm angle throughout the lift boom cycle.
  • Accurate measurement of the weight when the bucket is being raised.
  • Rugged and durable design makes it perfect for a harsh working environment.

Are load scales genuinely beneficial? 

The utility of load scales is never appreciated, but the systems do play a pivotal role. For your convenience, these scale systems provide the solution you are looking for, as far as your bulk haulage services are concerned. Listed below are some of the critical functions played by the load scaling systems.

Material management and real-time inventory control: Weights tend to be the key factor while dealing with bulk materials, such as rock, fill, or construction material. The loader scales, as such, prevent any variance in delivery and optimizes the whole process. Because of the material accuracy, it also helps in qualitative inventory management.

Improved process efficiency: Load scales do go a long way to improve process efficiency. Apart from reducing downtime, it is one of the crucial factors that help to increase the margin of profit. Besides, the digitalized data can be put to good use to create monthly reports.

Prevents loading error: You are in a better position to resolve issues related to under-loading and overloading on account of the data accuracy. The problems may have a more significant impact on your business, as you may stand to lose the faith of your clients. Besides, overloading may also result in a situation where you may end up paying hefty fines. With accurate material data, you can easily prevent such errors.

The Bottom Line 

A bucket loader scale can provide you a good ROI by increasing the overall accuracy of the load. The precise figures help in better utilization of your fleet and the chance to reduce the operational costs by a considerable margin.


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