With so many pillow options available, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. Feather pillows and down pillows for sleeping are the two most popular options. Both types of filling come from the same anima, but they differ in quality. To help you understand these two fillings, let’s breakdown these two pillows type.


Down is a soft cluster of fibers and more likely obtained from goose, duck, or swan. It is located closest to the bird’s skin near its chest. At times, down is called undercoating of a bird. Down clusters have insulating properties because their soft fiber comes out of a central point in a three-dimensional way. This way, it traps the air brilliantly, making it highly insulated filling.


Feathers come from the wing and back of geese and ducks. They also provide a soft and fluffy feel and quickly retain its shape. Feather filling is a little heavier and contains a quill that runs down the middle. Because of its ability to retain its shape and quills, feathers are considered good for decorative pillows.

What to look for in an ideal pillow?

Pillow having only down clusters will not retain its shape and may not last long. Also, they will not be sturdy pillows. Therefore, the ideal down pillows are filled with feathers and down clusters in the ideal proportion to provide strength and softness to the pillow.

Fill power

While looking for a down pillow, it is also important to check the fill power used to determine the pillow’s quality. Higher the fill power, the larger the cluster is, which will trap more air, giving it more insulation properties. Fill power can range from 550 or 800, considered high-quality down pillows.

Other considerations

  • If you frequently change your sleeping position throughout the night or usually prefer to sleep on your side, use a medium-firm pillow.
  • If you sleep on a very soft mattress, you may sink into bed. So, it would be best if you chose a firm down pillow.
  • A standard size pillow is the best pick for most people, especially those who frequently change their sleeping position while sleeping.
  • Down pillows get softer over time. Softness depends on how clean the pillow is and how it is used. Some folks use pillows like a punching bag, which makes it softer, but the pillow can also lose its shape because of it.


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