A fedora hat does not require much effort and skill. For everything to work out perfectly, you need to carefully study the action plan, prepare all the tools and materials, complete the drawings, get to work, and be sure to include creativity.

When buying red bottom fedora online in Texas, women are faced with the fact that the headdress fits perfectly on the mannequin, but it is ridiculous. One gets the feeling that only a selected few are wearing the classic hat. However, a properly selected headdress model can turn any image into a stylish look. Here are various tips to help you avoid mistakes. The following important criteria must be considered: your facial features, body parameters, and a harmonious stylistic combination of the hat with the outfit as a whole.

Hat and face

When buying a headdress, the face plays a primary role. How to choose a hat to highlight your dignity? Take into account the shape of the face and the color of the appearance. You can buy a straw hat, and it will look like a designer model from the last fashion show. You need to carefully examine your face. The beauty of a woman is inherent; choosing the attribute of the desired style, you will emphasize your individuality. A hat with a rounded crown and soft outlines of the brim, without sharp corners and in muted shades, will suit a cute face with soft cheeks.

Hat and figure

“How to buy a fedora hat with red bottom online?” The main secret is simple: the brim of the hat you like should be narrower than your shoulders. A short woman will look like a mushroom if her attribute has too wide a margin. And if the crown is also low, then such a headdress will make any, even the most ideal, figure unattractive, regardless of height. The law is simple: the width of the fields depends on the crown – the higher it is, the wider they can be. Exceptions are possible. You can buy a Panama hat and look like a queen in it. But such risky and successful purchases require a keen eye and experience.

Hat and clothing

Which hat to choose for your look? Each hat needs to be matched with the overall outfit in color and style. For voluminous capes like ponchos, hats with the widest brim are suitable. Such men’s hats as trilby, fedoras are perfect for the classic version of clothing. They are successfully combined with a straight-cut coat. And hockey hats look harmoniously on slender girls with oversized military-colored clothing. The military-style also includes caps with a hard visor (cap).

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Pay attention to the sweep of the brim

Height and shoulder width are two parameters to be guided by when choosing a hat with a brim. A low one should be limited to fields about 8 cm wide. Tall, as always, are the luckiest – they can wear hats with any brim, including wide ones. But in any case, make sure that the hat’s brim is at the same level as shoulders.

The brim of the hats is hard, straight, and soft wavy. Wide and tough are more relevant, but it’s better to focus not on fashion but your own face.

The hat is a versatile accessory and will never go out of style. It will help give you an extraordinary style and originality, but before putting on a hat, you should think over your own image to the smallest detail.




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