Are you in business? Do you need business marketing photography Los Angeles? Maybe you need a professional editorial photographer Los Angeles and you don’t know where to start? Look no further for public relations photography Los Angeles. How do you hire a business marketing photographer? Read on.

How to Find the Correct Photographer

There are many times as a business when you’ll need to hire a photographer for branding needs. This can be for social media, website design, or other marketing. There are no regulations on photographers to practice so there is no standard on the quality of the work and the price. So you will need to do some homework.

Know Your Branding

Before you can get someone to portray your brand, you need to be clear on what that brand truly is. You need to know the locational significance, voice, typography, styling, and color palettes. You should know your buyer’s preferences and likes. The experience you want your target audience to have with you. You should know the takeaway you want your target audience to have. You should know how your business is different.  When you give your photographer this information there should be a creative synergy. If they don’t ask these kinds of questions that is a big red flag. The best business marketing photographer will need to know the ins and outs of your brand with your help.

business marketing photographer

Make Your Needs Clear

When talking to your photographer it would be good to have a write-up of your needs. You might also want visual examples to share because your photographer’s vision of certain things may differ from yours.

You should have clear expectations of your photography needs. Do you need images for a website, do you need headshots? Do you need product photos? It is good to come up with a list and a description of the photos you need. Describe your project. This can narrow down the types of photos you need and give the photographer a better idea of your expectations.

Things to Look For in a Photographer

Now that you know what information you should share when you talk with photographers, its time to look into what they should bring to the table.

Amateur photographers are usually much cheaper but you get what you pay for. They lack the experience to adapt quickly and may not have backup equipment as they are just starting out. They may still watermark their photos. Amateurs may also have less of a portfolio. Professionals can sometimes be set in their ways. They understand the client. They ask a lot of questions and have a set turnaround time.

Check the Photography Knowledge

You might not know much about photography which is why you are trying to hire someone. But don’t assume the photographer knows what they are doing.

Ask some questions like how to manage the lighting for indoor and outdoor photography and low light situations? What mode do they shoot in? How do they manage to pose? How many shoots have they done? How do they edit photos? Listen to their answers and you will know if they know their stuff. Many photographers simply try to cover up their lack of skills with Photoshop instead of learning photography. Make sure you hire someone who really understands the process of photography.

Check out their Resourcefulness

The best photographers will realize that photography takes time. They will dedicate the time needed to learn about your business and branding. They will want to know about the use of the photos and the results you are hoping for. They will devote time to the technical aspects of the project. Your target audience can spot a low-quality photoshoot. They might know why they feel that way, but they can tell if things are rushed.

Find Out About Post Production

You’ll want to find out how your photographer edits their photos. Do they talk about any filters they use or what type of stylization the photos will have? You’ll want to know how many photos you will get and if you get the RAW files. What resolution will they be? What are your photo rights? How long will it take to edit the photos? How much do they retouch photos? If they don’t have a solid editing routine you may want to consider another photographer.


Do you need business marketing photography Los Angeles? Maybe you need a professional editorial photographer Los Angeles and you aren’t sure what to look for.  Public relations photography Los Angeles can help your business. Reach out today.


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