People have been using jewelry for centuries. Initially, they used to make them with natural items like flowers, grass, and leaves.

As time passed, metals replaced these natural articles. The ornaments made using metals like gold, silver, and diamond are durable and fancy, making them popular.

Jewelry made of silver is the most popular reason being its comparatively lower price. People wear sterling silver Celtic drop earrings and sterling silver Celtic knot drop earrings with great interest and enthusiasm.

Both men and women wear earrings for beauty, cultural, or traditional reasons, but it is mostly feminine.

Though sterling silver Celtic drop earrings are very handy and stylish but there is an issue with them. They get tarnished if you don’t care or use them regularly.

What is the meaning of Tarnish?

The formation of a thin layer due to chemical reactions or deformations of the metals over silver, copper, brass, aluminum, etc., is known as Tarnish.

If we talk about silver, in particular, hydrogen sulfide or oxygen can tarnish it by making a dull, grey, or black film or coating over it.

What are the reasons for sterling silver Celtic drop earrings tarnishing?

When you store your silver jewelry at a place where oxygen can pass through, tarnishing issues may occur, the reason being the chemical reaction between oxygen and silver.

Change in your skin acidity due to certain medications can also cause metal tarnish. The use of cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, etc., is also a reason for silver tarnishing.

How to protect your silver jewels from tarnishing?

You can take the below measure to protect your sterling silver Celtic knot drop earrings from this issue.

If you use it regularly, there is a lesser chance of its impairment. If you wear it daily, you will clean it frequently, which will stop forming any layer on it.

It would be best if you store your ornaments in a dry container or plastic bag so that it doesn’t come in contact with air which is the main factor responsible for tarnishing.

Always wear your jewelry after using cosmetics and perfumes to avoid this problem. Remove your silver earrings before entering the swimming pool or spa because water also develops a thin layer on silver items.

You can also keep silver items tarnish-free by cleaning them in a mild dish washing liquid diluted in water with a jewelry polishing cloth and drying them thoroughly.


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