Bed bugs are very resilient pests that can easily infest your place without letting you know. They have been a common household problem for thousands of years. Scientists have claimed that bed bugs are more than 3500 years old. It is believed that bed bugs originated in the Middle East, and gradually they spread everywhere, almost in every country. The best bed bug treatment company is the only best way to eliminate bed bugs, ensuring no further spread successfully. DIY bed bug removal does not seem very effective in completely removing bed bugs.

Since bed bugs are very tiny, hide in small crevices, cracks, and holes, it is very difficult to track the bed bugs with naked eyes. Most people don’t even know they have bed bugs. In this comprehensive guide, you will share some signs and symptoms of bed bugs. After that, you can easily detect if you have bed bugs.

  • Wake up with red and itchy bites– bed bug bites are small, red, and itchy. But not all people react to bed bug bites until they become noticeable. This is why it is important to check your skin for bed bugs if you feel itchy on your face, neck, shoulders, arms, etc.
  • Uncomfortable sleep– Bed bugs are found closer to the food, i.e., human blood. They get activated in the night when you are in bed for sleep. If you are unable to sleep comfortably due to itching on your skin, bed bugs may be the reason for it.
  • You smell musty odor– The unpleasant and musty scent in your room is a strong sign of bed bugs because the bed bugs release pheromones when they are in a cluster. Thus, you experience a strong and musty odor in your home.
  • Bloodstains on bed sheets and pillowcases– If you wake up and find bloodstains on your bed sheets and pillowcases, then you may have bed bugs. At times, people change their sides while sleeping. Meanwhile, they unconsciously squash bed bugs during the night. If you notice bloodstains, then check the mattress and box springs for the bed bug evidence.
  • Dark spots on your walls– It might sound strange, but bed bugs can leave fecal stains on the walls as well. If you suspect bed bugs, then use a flashlight and inspect the walls for the bed bugs’ presence.
  • Finds a collection of bed bug egg shells– Bed bug eggshells appear as white and produced when the bed bugs shed their skin as they grow. You can find these eggshells in your mattress, headboard, between your sofa cushions, and under the furniture. Bed bugs usually prefer to hide in fabric and wooden furniture.
  • Tiny white spots in the joints of furniture– If you notice small, white spots in your furniture joints, there may be bed bugs. It would be best if you immediately inspected all furniture to find the bed bug infestation. Use a flashlight to peer into the dark and hidden places. Check between the cushion, behind headboards, the back of the fabric, and the chair’s bottom.
  • Recently brought second-hand furniture and used mattresses– If you bring used furniture and mattress, you are likely to bring bed bugs as well. If possible, then avoid second-hand furniture. However, if you still want second-hand furniture, then thoroughly inspect the furniture for bed bugs before moving it into your home.
  • Check the closet– Bed bugs can move faster and cling to clothing as well. Be sure to thoroughly check every dress in the closet for the bed bug presence. Remember, bed bugs use your luggage and clothing as a carrier to travel from one place to another.
  • Your neighbors have bed bugs– Bed bugs move quickly from one place to another. Likewise, bed bugs can spread from one person to another. If your neighbors visit you and they have bed bugs, there are strong chances you also have bed bugs. So, it is time to inspect your furniture, bed sheets, and mattress.


Don’t procrastinate even if you find one or two bedbugs. They spread quickly and become a cluster in a few weeks. If you find any bed bug evidence, the best bed bug treatment company will help you out to eliminate the bed bugs.

Exterminators will carry out bed bug removal in Phoenix, using their long experience, vast knowledge, advanced tools, and pesticides.


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