A faulty, unfinished, outdated, or low-quality automatic irrigation system will not ensure proper watering of the plants, negatively affecting their condition. It is also often necessary to remove, add or move multiple sprinklers or even an entire area to plant new plants, build new structures, or landscape. Even more often, it is necessary to extend the drip line on newly planted plants. Orlando farm irrigation pump repair services constantly carry out these and other works to modernize automatic irrigation systems and will help you with yours.

Maintenance of irrigation systems

An automatic irrigation system, like any engineering system, requires service and seasonal activities. The Orlando irrigation sprinkler head replacement services are engaged in installing automatic irrigation systems and warranty and post-warranty service, and the availability of all components in our warehouse guarantees a quick replacement of a failed element. When operating the irrigation system, you may need to carry out the following service and repair measures:

Cleaning and adjusting nozzles, cleaning solenoid valves: This procedure is especially relevant for the irrigation of dirty water and water from open reservoirs. Each nozzle has a mesh filter, which is washed, after which it is necessary to set the nozzle back and adjust the irrigation sector. Electromagnetic valves are also susceptible to clogging: dirt and sand can get between the membrane and the body, which leads to the passage of water by the valve, a drop in pressure in the system, and frequent starts of the pump in the absence of irrigation.

Reprogramming the irrigation control panel, changing the schedule and irrigation mode. It is required when, for example, you need to turn off or reduce the watering of a certain zone due to waterlogging or landscaping.

Conservation of the irrigation system for the winter period: Since it is impossible and impractical to lay the pipelines of the irrigation system to a depth of freezing of the soil (1.8 meters), and drainage valves also do not solve the problem with draining the system, and besides this, water remains in the sprinklers and valves.

Starting the irrigation system after the winter period: First of all, it is necessary to install the pump if it was dismantled, then start the auto watering system and carefully prepare it for the season: check for leaks, clean and adjust the nozzles, program the control panel, and eliminate possible malfunctions.

Elimination of leaks associated with damage to pipelines and drip lines: Most often, pipelines and drip lines are damaged during landscaping and construction work, laying utilities, installing landscape lamps, and work performed by gardeners. Professional Orlando water sprinkler head replacement services, using our secret methods, will determine the place of leakage under the ground and eliminate it by installing a coupling or replacing a section of the pipeline.

Replacing nozzles, sprinklers, valve box covers cut off by a lawnmower and installing them flush with the lawn. There are cases, especially after the winter-spring period, when the soil subsides or swells, thereby pushing out the elements of the automatic irrigation system, which should initially be installed with it. These elements, which are not seen in the grass, can be damaged by the lawnmower, but if correctly installed, they do not protrude, and the lawnmower knife does not touch them.

Restarting the pump with pouring. This procedure is required when the pump is installed significantly above the water intake level, and for some reason, the suction line has dried out, for example, due to a malfunction of the check valve.

You can contact us with any questions related to the maintenance of the farm irrigation pump repair. We will monitor the correct operation of your auto watering system, carry out routine maintenance and seasonal conservation and start-up of the system, and carry out emergency trips in case of a malfunction.



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