Everybody loves to spend their entire day of fun and relaxation with their closest friends. Adults love to go for spa treatments, and we do it for luxurious pampering. So why can’t kids have fun on their birthday with a spa party? They will feel so happy when they get a day to spend at a spa party with their friends. These days spa birthday parties have been in trend now. Your kids will love to have a spa day on their special day.

You can hire professionals to host a spa party, but before that, you should check for their mobile spa party packages to ensure that they suit your budget. In this blog, we will share tips for hosting a spa party for your little princess in this blog. Read on to know how you can make your kid’s day enjoyable ad safe.

Quick Tips to Host a Spa Party for Kids

If you throw any party, you have to make some prior arrangements likewise you have to do for a spa party for kids. Let’s look at these quick tips to make your kid’s spa party better and more enjoyable. 

  1. Invitations

As you know, it’s a party for kids so you can get creative with the invitation card. You can use glitter to make them shine or even do it as computer graphics. The invitation may include the details of the party and information that your guests have to bring along.

Here are some DIY invitation ideas:

  • Flip Flop design
  • Eye mask invitations
  • Honeycomb design
  • Flower and lantern design
  1. Food

If you are hosting a spa birthday party for your kid, don’t put cucumber sandwiches and petit fours on the menu. Try something else; here are some of the ideas that might help you in creating the menu:

  • Make little jelly and peanut butter sandwiches, and to make them look unique, you can shape them using cookie cutters.
  • Service beautifully cut carrots, broccoli, and celery, with some ranch dressing, served as the dip in a fondue bowl.
  • You can also serve cut cherries, strawberries, oranges with melted chocolate.
  • Serve cupcakes with sprinkles.
  • Keep a refreshing beverage for the party.
  1. Decoration and Theme

When you invite little guests, the spa’s atmosphere becomes essential. With the help of decoration, you can easily create the right atmosphere at the spa party. You can try these spa-themed decorations for your next spa party:

  • Honeycombs and lanterns (an inexpensive and cute option for a spa theme)
  • Pink or green flowers and plants (add a nice touch with pretty and refreshing flowers)
  • Bamboo or wooden letters (place wooden letters on the table or hang them)
  • Candles (create a beautiful and calming feeling with fake or real candles)

You can also go with another option: selecting a color theme and planning the decoration according to the color. Through this, you can create a calming atmosphere for your kids. We have mentioned some of the fantastic color combinations below:

  • Energetic pink and tropical blue
  • Refreshing green and white with a tiny splash of purple
  • Gorgeous teal and gold
  • Sweet peach and mint green
  1. Activities

There are various activities that your kids can do while having a spa birthday party. A spa day is about a soothing, relaxing, and refreshing experience. Little kids can do one of the best activities, which is yoga. So give the yoga mats and let your kids have an amazing time while doing basic yoga.

Pedicures and manicures are also fun activities for your little children. Your kids will have a wonderful time during the treatment of their hand and nail art. You can also go for spa games, a great option to make your kid’s special day more memorable. Here are some of the spa games:

  • Nail polish games
  • Pin the cucumber on the spa girl
  • Decorating the flip flops
  • DIY bath salts
  • Spa scavenger hunt
  • No-sew headbands


So next time you plan to host a spa birthday party for your kids, make sure to go with these tips to make the party more enjoyable. If you want affordable spa birthday party packages for girls, then get in touch with Pretty-N-Pink Mobile Sparties. They can help you with your little princess party needs from start to finish. Give them a call to make your kid’s day a special one.


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