Never have I ever Game is not less than a thriller. You can start playing the Game by purchasing a deck. There are decks with cards. The cards have questions printed on them. These questions challenge you with questions. The questions are based on your adventurous nature. Are you used to monotony, or are do you like being unconventional. The questions help you realize the real ‘you.’

For instance, have you ever taken a U-turn? Have you ever thought of purchasing a gift for someone you don’t even know? Have you gone helping someone out of the way? Have you fallen in deep love with your buddy online? These questions make you think in a three-dimensional way. The Game is better played with friends because you can have a lot of fun and frolic. This is how you play the never have I ever game.

To play the never have I ever game, you first need to know the game instructions.

What is Never have I Ever Classic Edition?

The Never Have I Ever Game’s Classic Edition is widespread and can be played with your family members with all zest and enthusiasm. The classic edition helps you consider the deeply hidden aspects of your life. It asks you questions the responses to which you never thought of. Something like ‘the poor life decisions that you made.’ You just need to glean your courage and look into the problem straight and answer confidently. It could be a U-turn in your life.

Never Have I Ever Rules

Here are a few rules that you need to bear in mind while playing the classic edition.

  • The players should be extremely sincere while answering questions. Warped responses remove the fun element from the Game.
  • Let the player speak for himself. Never facilitate him/her by putting words into his mouth.
  • Don’t ask things or tell things that are extraordinary and cannot be done. You will be removed from the Game doing so.
  • Before starting, you have an option to remove the cars that might generate a bad taste in your mouth.
  • If anybody gets frustrated, aggressive, angry while playing the Game, s/he can quit the Game!

The Never Have I Ever Game is fun during the lockdown owing to the global pandemic. You can just order for your game deck and start playing with your family and friends. You will undoubtedly realize that you are utilizing the time more constructively.


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