Dead zones or low network coverage can limit your activity in the house. Your automated devices may not work correctly, or you may face trouble working from any corner of your home. Your Wi-Fi may cause trouble if you have one router in a large space or when you have many devices connected to your network. With some tips and tricks, you can remove dead zones; let’s learn how-

  1. Update software

Sometimes you may face trouble due to an older version of the software. You can ask your network provider to update software or find the link on their website. After installing the latest software version, you may not face any trouble. You can read the manual or information on the website to get tips for easy installation. In case you again find dead zones, try the next point.

  1. Relocate the router

Router present in the corner of your home may not provide a strong network. As signals travel the wall layers, their strength degrades. Relocating the router to the central location could be a better choice. For that, you have to disconnect your router from the current location and run an Ethernet cable to the suitable location. Try to place the Wi-Fi device temporarily and run multiple devices on it. You can also check its signal strength in every room, and if everything seems right, you can permanently connect your Wi-Fi.

  1. Wi-Fi extender

Another way to remove dead zones is by using a Wi-Fi extender. As stated above, bricks and walls or the location of Wi-Fi affect signal strength; you can use a kind of power booster, namely, extender, to regenerate signals. You need an extender that you can place before the dead zone, install the plug-in range extender in your system, and you are ready to go.

  1. Secure your system from intruders

If your network is not secure, it is possible that intruders could be taking advantage. It has nothing to do with the signal strength. All you need to do is update your password and protect your network from intruders.

  1. Frequency

Today, most routers provide switching between frequencies. Although 2.5GHz can travel, a long-distance 5GHz offers strong signal strength. You can look at your interface and choose the best network working at that time. However, Wi-Fi 6 can provide the best network connection because it has more Gigabit speed, have extremely low latency, and more capacity. It means you can connect more devices and still can experience high strength. Wi-Fi 6 mitigates all network problems and is the most secured option.

For installing Wi-Fi 6, you can search ‘Wi-Fi technician near me; the result will give you the list of a few Wi-Fi service providers in San Diego, CA, among which you can choose the best. The below points can help to choose the best Wi-Fi technician.

How to find the best Wi-Fi installers in San Diego, CA

  1. Determine internet speed requirement

Many households have several devices connected to the same network, which leads to a fall in internet speed. Before hiring an internet provider, you can check your requirements and communicate the same to the installer.

  1. Check availability of service provider near you

The simplest way to find this is through your smartphone searches; simply type, internet installation service near me, you will get a long list of installers in Los Angeles. Various service providers have their prices and experience; you can visit their website and compare the prices of different providers.

  1. Share technical details

The best internet installers always share technical details related to installation in simple terms. They will also let you know how to tackle minor technical problems.

  1. Always read to address the problems

If you face any trouble after installation, you can contact your installers; they will either guide you to solve the problem or come to your place. The best service provider always addresses your problem whenever you face trouble.


There are several ways to improve network coverage at home, some of the simple ways relocating Wi-Fi, switching frequency, updating software, and more. For more convenience, you can switch to Wi-Fi 6 because it provides the best internet speed.


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