The largest body organ, our skin, is strong and elastic by nature. But when it stretches beyond its limits, the supporting tissues can be damaged, causing the lower layer to be exposed. This is why stretch marks tend to appear white or red, although stretch mark color depends on your skin tone. Stretch marks are found in pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. Stretch marks may also develop from training your body in the gym. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of stretch marks in numerous ways. Depending on what suits you best, stretch mark removal cream is the easiest way to get rid of stretch marks.

  • Apply aloe vera– Aloe vera is one of the best home remedies to remove stretch marks. It is known for its healing and soothing properties. Many folks use it to treat sunburn. All you have to do is to break a leaf from the aloe vera plant and directly apply it to your skin. After a few minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this simple process for a few days. You will see stretch marks have started to disappear.
  • Use Egg whites– Egg whites contain amino acids and proteins that help to repair damaged skin within a few weeks. Whip two egg whites with a whisk until it turns into soft peaks. Then, use a sponge or brush to apply onto your skin. Finally, let it dry completely, then rinse with cold water, and eventually apply a light coat of olive oil to hydrate skin.
  • Sugar– Sugar contains exfoliants that remove deal cells and rejuvenate your skin. Take one tablespoon of sugar, add a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil, and shake well. Directly apply on the affected area and rub the mixture into your skin for at least 10 min. Follow this routine for a month each time you go for a shower.
  • Tea tree oil- As you know, tea tree oil is the best remedy to fix acne and heal acne scars, but it also helps to disappear stretch mark because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Regular use of tea tree oil prevents the occurrence of stretch marks. Another way to remove stretch marks with tea tree oil is to mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a half tablespoon of olive oil and massage gently over the stretch marks. You can also add some Vitamin E oil and coconut Once applied, leave it on all night and wash off the next morning. If you follow this simple routine, you will observe how quickly stretch marks have disappeared.
  • Potato juice– Widely used to treat dark circles, potato juice can also help to remove stretch Basically, the potato is highly rich in starch and skin-lightening enzymes that help to lighten the blemishes and scars. But the point is how to get rid of stretch marks using the potato? Simply peel the potato and extract the juice by squeezing it. Mix this juice with the


potato pulp and directly apply to skin. Regular use of this mixture will reduce stretch marks and give you spotless healthy skin.

  • Cocoa butter– Massage the affected area with the cocoa butter twice a day for a few weeks. You will see a difference even in the next few days. Cocoa butter acts as a moisturizing agent and has the ability to smooth wrinkled and damaged skin.

The final words

These are some popular home remedies to treat stretch marks. The results will not show overnight, but after routine application, you will see positive results soon. Indeed, it does not feel good to have stretch marks. But they happen, and if you are willing to get rid of them as soon as possible, you should make some efforts and try these home remedies.

In fact, nowadays, you can buy anti-stretch mark cream from any retail store and apply it to get rid of stretch marks in a few weeks. Whichever option you choose, apply regularly until stretch marks disappear.


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