It can be challenging for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) members to remain sober. You can reach out to your loved ones and help them in any way you can. Heartfelt gestures can motivate them to remain sober. The best way to express this is by giving them AA gifts.

Celebrating the sobriety of someone you love is a memorable event. You can commemorate the achievement of your loved one together. Moreover, it conveys your continued support and encouragement.

You can find various AA gifts for men and women. Make sure to keep the following aspects in mind to choose the best AA gifts for your loved ones:


Try to give your loved ones a sobriety gift that personally speaks to them. By doing so, it instantly becomes more than just a gesture of support and appreciation. It symbolizes your bond with them and shows how much they mean to you. Personalized gifts allow AA members to know that they are never alone.

You can gift them a journal with a personalized AA book cover. It keeps them motivated. Women tend toappreciate thoughtful gifts more. You can look for AA gifts for women that connect with them.

You may also gift your loved ones AA medallions to mark their sobriety. Customize it to make it more personalized. You can add memorable designs. Or choose the color that they love and find meaningful.


Look for inspirational sobriety gifts for someone you love. It can act as a strong motivational force for them. Moreover, it reminds them of your constant support and solidarity. These aspects can boost their inspiration to remain sober.

If you are searching for AA gifts for men, it may be a good idea to buy something that inspires them. You can choose an AA keychain that has some inspirational quotes and AA phrases. They have the potential to keep them going when things get overwhelming.

You can also buy an AA inspirational wooden box. It holds the AA coins or medallions of your loved ones. Each box usually comes with engravings of motivational words. Simple yet powerful words such as courage, love, and hope can keep them inspired.

Make it Memorable

Choose an AA gift that will be memorable to your loved ones. You can commemorate their sobriety by giving them gifts with engravings. Women may appreciate engraved jewelry. While looking for AA gifts for women, you may give them pendant necklaces, bracelets, or rings. They serve as an encouragement and daily inspiration.

AA medallion holder necklaces can be a thoughtful gift for someone you love. Customize them by engraving a quote, date, and duration of their sobriety.  You may also engrave any design or symbols that hold personal significance for them.

Each time your loved one wears the jewelry, they will remember their commitment to remaining sober. Moreover, it acts as a reminder of your love and support for them.

Celebrate Their Achievement

You can pick a gift for your loved one that celebrates their achievement of remaining sober. It can be a token that congratulates someone you love. Gifting an AA medallion is one of the best ways of marking their success.

AA medallions are available in different colors. Each signifies the completion of a specific milestone. Generally, red symbolizes 30 days, and gold represents 60 days of sobriety. You can celebrate their one year of staying sober by gifting them a bronze AA medallion.

You may also gift them medallion accessories such as medallion key chain holders and holder necklaces. It allows them to know that you cherish their achievements as much as them.

Recovery Gifts

Let your loved ones be aware that you are proud of their progress in recovery. Make sure not to shy away from conveying your happiness and encouragement to them. It may help them in their journey of recovering. Additionally, it shows your unwavering support and faith in them.

You can gift them a sobriety mug that carries inspirational words and phrases. Recovery and self-help books may also be valuable gifts. Customized hoodies and beanies celebrating their sobriety are also a fun and effective way to keep them motivated.

AA gifts can be precious for your loved ones. Make sure to consider the above factors while choosing an AA gift for them. It allows them to know that you are always there for them throughout their journey.


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