Every year many prospective buyers are in search of good properties at the best price. And many of them prefer to buy pre-construction homes as they are affordable and easy to acquire. If you are selling your pre-construction or VIP condos, then here are a few things that you need to remember to make your house sell a success.

Research and Read the Local Market

It is usually a good idea to do some research on your competitors who are attempting to sell pre-construction homes in North York, Toronto, at the same time as you are. However, one unique issue that may arise with condominiums is many apartments in the same building or complex on the market simultaneously. Why should a potential buyer select yours if the layout and exteriors are nearly identical?

To increase your chances of outselling your neighbors, you can highlight any distinctive interior modifications you have made. If your apartment comes with distinct amenities, it is the best time to emphasize such unique features while selling VIP condos in North York, Toronto.

Aside from that, your Platinum real estate agent may assist you with traditional market research, such as comparative market analysis for houses with comparable characteristics, to ensure you are priced competitively.

The Phases of Selling Pre-construction Homes

A pre-construction condo is self-explanatory: a condo developer needs cash to build so that the units are sold before the building begins. A developer should aim to sell at least 65-70% of the building’s revenue, which means they cannot sell just tiny apartments. The pre-construction houses can be sold in different  phases.

A Platinum Launch

The Platinum Launch is the first stage. Condo developers will contact brokers and offer them first access to any units that are launched. This phase has the lowest prices in the development.

If you know someone from your friends’ circle who wants to buy luxury homes in North York, Toronto, this is the best time to act. Sent their contact to the Platinum broker. Sometimes the whole condo building launched sells in hours or a couple of days!

If you sell pre-construction homes in North York, Torontothrough Platinum Agents, you can get buyers quickly which will be helpful in selling your house effectively.

If you are looking to buy luxury homes in North York, Toronto, buying via a Platinum Agent, you will save much money and get early access to the greatest units. 

VIP Presentation

Any apartments that are not acquired at the Platinum Launch are then made available to interested real estate agents and their clients. The bulk of the most desirable units were assigned at the Platinum Launch at this point, where interested agents can examine the floor plans and make them available for their customers.

Launching to Public

During this stage, prospective purchasers can buy luxury homes in North York, Toronto, through real estate listing provided by agents. Many real estate agents provide a platform where buyers and sellers can contact each other directly. The seller can upload the properties, and buyers can explore various homes as per their choices.

The Toronto condo market has been so busy that many of the popular towers have sold out before they are even open to the public. Therefore, if you want to buy a property, look for prospective agents who know people that are selling VIP condos in North York, Toronto.

What Is The Best Time To Sell Your Condo?

According to market research, single-family houses sell somewhat quicker than condominiums. It is worth noting that the difference can be negligible. It is just that dealing with condo associations is not for everyone. Others value the benefits of having access to amenities such as swimming pools and grocery markets and not having to deal with exterior care.

What matters is the time you sell your apartment. You can take the assistance of real estate agents who can help you in selling pre-construction homes in North York, Toronto, at the best time of the year.

Try doing all the necessary work in making your selling process successful and efficient. Use real estate property listing and make your home buying and selling process convenient.


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