The living room is the most open area of the house, where you entertain guests and close friends and spend quality time with your family throughout the day. It needs to be a warm and welcoming space where anyone can feel comfortable. Hence, a drab living room can be a killjoy, and you do not want that. However, remodelling your living room need not be an expensive process. With the help of affordable living room renovation contractors in Miami, you can redesign your living room even with a modest budget. Here is how.

Add Eclectic Furnishings

One of the best ways to enhance your living room is to add some eclectic design elements in the form of colorful cushions, curtains, rugs, poufs, bean bags, and more. You can balance the wall colors and stick to a light shade, making the room appear more spacious.

The colorful furnishings will add a cheerful note to the room, and they are not expensive at all, giving you the option to interchange them occasionally without incurring huge expenses. You can have digitally printed cushion covers or curtains printed with a favorite quote or cherished memento.

Add a Knickknack Corner

Those who come to your home would want to know you more as a person, and displaying your artwork is an excellent idea. You can add a picture ledge or a corner rack to display the art collection that you might have accumulated during your travel.

Or, you could hang your favorite painter’s work on the walls, or even one drawn by your kids! A bookcase is always a great idea- not only will you showcase your love for your favorite authors, but it also gives your guests the chance of indulging themselves just in case you are away at any point.

Add a Focal Point of Interest

One of the best ways of remodeling your living space is to have a focal point of interest, and the rest of the décor can be centered around it. This makes the space appear more organized, and you can have a clear plan of action while redesigning.

The point of interest could be a fireplace, your large screen home theater system, an artwork by a local artist, or simply an eyeball-grabbing collection of indoor plants. None of these options are overly expensive, but it sets the tone and mood you want to create in your living room.

Choice of Furniture

Another way to redo your living room on a budget is to choose the appropriate furniture. You don’t have to invest in a highly expensive designer leather sofa to impress your guests. As an affordable living room renovation specialist in Naples will tell you, you can create an impact with locally sourced rattan or cane furniture as well.

Or, you can use furniture from recycled wood as well. They create a warmer and earthier living area and are very easy on the pockets. You can also steel and wrong iron furniture if you prefer a more sleek and contemporary décor, and they are not very expensive either.

Remodeling the Storage

If your living room has some storage space, then it need not be dull and monotonous at all. Rather, you can use the cupboards and cabinets to spruce up the space. You can add fun geometric patterns on the doors or any abstract design that goes with the color scheme of the rest of the space.

Painting old cabinets and wardrobes or fitting them with new vinyl is not expensive at all. You just need to find the right color and texture to upgrade them into looking like designer storage spaces. You can contact the best living room renovation contractor, Bonita Springs, to help you make the right choice. Similarly, if there are open cabinets, you can add your favorite books or music and movie collection to them.

Once you have added the new elements to your living space, you will be amazed and how much you have transformed the space without going overboard with the expenses. Consulting a professional at this point will be an added advantage, and you are sure to be praised by your friends and family for what you have done with the space.





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