If you have decided that this is the right time for you to enter into recovery, consider a Hyde Park recovery home. If you are not familiar with the area Hyde Park is a historic neighborhood in Central Austin. It is a lovely neighborhood with tree lined streets and lovely yards that gives a lovely and peaceful backdrop.

With Hyde Park Sober living Texas will show you all of the wonderful things it has to offer. You can get out and enjoy lots of different activities or relax and process through your thoughts and practice gratitude.

Harmony Hyde Park Sober Living

The thing about recovery in a Hyde Park sober living Texas home, is that it doesn’t “feel” like a halfway house or transitional living. The Harmony Hyde Park sober living home is the platinum standard in Austin, TX upscale luxury sober living. Harmony Haus wants to inspire it’s residents with a gorgeous luxury environment and a place that you are proud to call home!

You should go ahead and schedule your sober living home tour in Austin on their website, and check out all of the amazing amenities that they offer, including:

  • Haus Computer & Technology Station
  • 65″ Community Cinema Smart Curve LED TV
  • Premium Movie & Sports Channels
  • Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam w/Gel Mattresses
  • State-of-the-Art Kitchen
  • Commercial Grade Juice and Smoothie Machines
  • Commercial Grade Front Load Washer and Dryer
  • Flat-Screen SMART LED TV’s in Bedrooms
  • Walking Distance to Gym and Fitness Center
  • Only 5 Minutes Away from Downtown Attractions
  • Located in Austin’s Premier and Elite Neighborhoods
  • Walking Distance to Grocery Shopping and Dining

Hyde Park Sober Living Texas

The Harmony Hyde Park sober living home provides it’s residents with everything that they will need to have a successful road to recovery. The Harmony Hyde Park sober living home has a proven phased structure and accountability program. This allows the program to grow with the person in recovery as an individual by using incentives and disincentives for members such as:

  • Incentives include gaining privileges, progressing on to the next phase.
  • Disincentives include loss of phase privileges, which are a direct result of members not adhering to written or verbal warnings or corrective measures.

Harmony Haus provides the ideal environment for implementing recovery management into your daily routine, getting back to a position of strength that allows you to move forward into a healthy and positive future.

If you are looking for a Hyde Park recovery home or Hyde Park sober living Texas, come and take a sober living home tour in Austin! See what Harmony Haus is all about and all that they have to offer you in the way of programs and amenities. Harmony Hyde Park sober living is a premium luxury living facility that provides you with a safe and drug free environment for recovery as well as a beautiful and inspiring environment geared especially towards your healing!

Harmony Hyde Park sober living offers more than just a recovery home, it offers you a place that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits, meets you where you are with regards to your individualized program of recovery, assists and encourages you to work towards accomplishing life goals and enhances your self-esteem by providing living arrangements, amenities, and recovery resources you can be proud of. If you need a  Hyde Park recovery home schedule your sober living home tour in Austin at Harmony Haus now!

Harmony Haus

Harmony Haus focuses on providing inspiring environments, amenities and services that foster a recovery community conducive to its members creating a purpose-driven life. Above all, we want to help our members achieve long-term sobriety, health and promise.

Their Harmony Hyde Park sober living home is called Hyde Park Haus and is centrally located in the heart of beautiful and culturally-rich Austin, TX. Their premier neighborhood features convenient access to public transit and various everyday amenities.

Pets Welcome

Your dog or cat can be a great source of support and love while you are going through the recovery process. Harmony Haus would never even dream of depriving you of such an amazing natural resource. So, it may help you to know that your pet will be welcome to come with you to stay at the Hyde Park Haus.

Please Join Us in Recovery

Your recovery and well being is the most important thing to Harmony Haus and we are waiting for our arrival. Come and join us or take a tour of the house today and see what all the Harmony Program can offer you!


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