In this fashion-conscious world, the demand for dreadlock extensions has been increasing day by day.Due to its high demand, it becomes the most popular styling option.Here is good news for all dreadlock lovers! Now, people can experience a loc style without going through the locking process, which can take lots of time.

If you also want to wear locs without the commitment that is inborn with style, just purchase dreadlock extensions.Withdreadlock extensions, you can change your look anytime and anywhere. Now, you don’t have to cut your hair or spend weeks combing them out. You can easily remove the extension and change to another gorgeous style.

However, it is important to have information about how to properly prepare your hair, the process of making the style, maintenance, and how to perfectly remove the style before installing loc extensions so that you don’t damage your hair.

Here are some helpful tips for the best overall experience starting from preparation to removal. Have a look:

  1. How to prepare your hair for a new look?

Expert hairstylists recommend you make sure your hair is in healthy condition before going into any long-term protective style.Trying a protective style typically means you are not handling your hair, completely cleansing your scalp, or pervading moisturizers and protein in your hair strands to prevent damage for at least a few weeks.

On the other hand, with dreadlock extensions,your hair is completely covered, leaving your hair strands weak to matting, extreme dryness, and eventually breakage when you take out the extensions.You first want to completely detangle your hair by removing all knots and matted areas to prevent this.In addition to this, properly cleanse your hair and make sure you remove all dirt and build-up from the hair. Just try a high-quality deep conditioner that will refill the moisture balance in your hair strands and strengthen the hair. Finally, seal the moisture into your hair with high-quality oils.

  1. How to install dreadlock extensions?

Making dreadlock extensions is a two-step process that can take a few hours. The size and length of the extensions are based on the length and density of your hair. The base of the dreadlock extensions is first created with a braid, twist, or a combination of the two. The extensions are available in both human and synthetic hair.If you are interested in starting locs with dreadlock extensions, human hair is recommended.After the base is installed, it is essential to wrap with more hair that completely covers the braid or twist.Locs extensions with synthetic hair can be heavy, so we don’t recommend them. The heavyweight of the extensions will make it difficult to style and can cause hair damage to traction. So, always choose the extensions that are comfortable for you.

  1. How to keep up your style?

Maintaining loc extensions is very simple if you have knowledge.The style can last ten to twelve weeks if you do proper care.But a routine touch-up is highly suggested between 6 to 8 weeks. This involves taking out 3 to 4 rows of the loc extensions around the hairline and re-installing them.This will remove the hair loss and damage that can happen with the operation of the extensions around the hairline, especially as they got older.Apply high-quality oil on the scalp and hair to keep healthy hair while in style.

  1. How to remove the extensions?

Taking down dreadlock extensions definitely needs help so that you do not cut your hair by accident or cause extreme breakage. There will be a significant amount of dirt that has been collected at the point where the extension starts relying on how long you have worn the extensions. This collection makes a matted section of hair that needs lots of patience as well as the perfect product to detangle the hairproperly. Try to massage your hair with a high-quality conditioner to remove excessive breakage and make it easier to detangle. Allow it to sit for some minutes, and then gently begin to separate the hair with the help of your fingertips.

Try to use the end of a rat tail comb to gently pick through the matted sectionif the area is really matted. Always ensure you are detangling each part of your hair when you remove the extension.

The bottom line:

This reliable information will help you prepare to enjoy your loc extension style while maintaining the health of your hair. So, what are you waiting for? Just get the best dreadlock extensions to day to get a new and stunning look.



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