The market share of the pharmacy sector is always on the rise, especially after the covid situation. The growth of independent drugstores in downtown Ontario region indicates that people trust old town pharmacies and prefer taking medicines from them.

Buying medicine could be a welcoming experience for people at an independent drugstore because it has a personalized touch in its service. For instance, if you visit a downtown drug store in Amherstburg, you’ll realize that they know you by name, remember your preferences, and understand your medical history. You don’t have to repeat the entire story to them again. An independent drug store maintains a relationship with their consumers.

Research says that people prefer going to an independent drugstore as compared to a chain pharmacy. The reason is quite simple that people feel more connected to local drugstores, but why is it so?

Difference b/w independent pharmacy and chain pharmacy

The services of a corporate chain of pharmacies and independent pharmacies vary because they are different. The ownership of an independent pharmacy may belong to a single person. The branch of pharmacy is a franchise, so the people working there are not owners; they are just employees.

An independent drug store goes the extra mile while delivering the service. They make sure that consumers are satisfied and come back again. However, people working at a franchise may or may not heed attention to your requirements.

Some people think that enough medicine is not available in a downtown pharmacy in Amherstburg to fulfill consumer requirements; this is a myth about local pharmacies. They provide excellent facilities for all minor ailments- nasal congestion, fever, or skin rashes.

Personalized treatment is another difference that people may experience in old town pharmacies. Many people who prefer visiting franchises may not know that personalized pharmacy service could exist—for instance, home delivery of medicines, virtual walk-in consultation, and many more.

The Advantage of relying on local pharmacy are many, explore more-

  • Personal attention

As stated earlier, local pharmacies will get you better because they get acquainted with you after one or two visits. They can understand your problems and provide personal attention to you in case of minor ailments. You don’t have to visit doctors for minor problems; you can rely on your local pharmacists for that.

  • Home delivery

Many local pharmacies provide home delivery facilities; you have to send them the picture of the prescription or call them, they will send your medicine on time.

  • Time consumption

People have this misconception that local pharmacy takes more time in processing while corporate companies are efficient; it is a myth as people have experienced less time-consuming paperwork and purchasing.

Corporate companies may prefer to cut costs by recruiting fewer employees at their franchise; hence efficiency may fall. A local drugstore is a sole proprietor; in many cases, the owner is the worker, the person will leave no stone unturned to maintain the operation of a drugstore.

  • Additional services

Local drugstore operates with flexibility; they may include various services for their consumers. You will not find the same with a corporate drugstore. The additional services may include anything from virtual consultation to health tips for a minor ailment.

Some drugstore facilitates vaccines shots and rapid test facilities for their consumers.

Local pharmacy operates smoothly with less information; you don’t have to explain much about your problems to them. They can also schedule the deliveries of medicines at your convenience.

What should you prefer?

The medical facilities in your area may differ from other areas. In some places, people prefer a business with corporate companies, while some support local service providers.

The choice of the consumer depends on the availability of facilities in the local area. For instance, there could be no chain of pharmacies near you, so relying on a local pharmacy is better in emergency cases. If there is no drug store available in your area, you may have to travel a bit to get your medicine.


The trend of the local pharmacy has increased in Ontario because of the personalized attention and trust that they receive from the local pharmacy because, in the end, a reliable relationship matters.



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