Incense is one of the significant parts of many ancient oriental civilizations like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Egyptian cultures. They use incense not only for health reasons but also for religious and spiritual purposes. Incense has always been associated with yoga, Chinese massages, and meditation. It is an essential element that sets the spiritual mood ideal for meditation. Therefore, people often buy Duval Platinum Lactose Incense online to burn while meditating.

There are many types of incense that people can use depending on their availability and preference. Incense types are incense sticks, incense cones, incense coil, Duval Platinum Lactose Incense powder, etc. It is used to calm the nerves before diving into deep relaxation. People need to follow the tips about using incense while meditating as mentioned below-

  1. Incense quality is one of the major deciding factors on which buying decisions depend. A good quality incense like Duval Platinum Lactose Incense will have minimum health hazards and long-lasting quality.
  2. If you plan to follow the guided meditation as per a specific ritual, you must respect the practice. One needs to track when they burn the incense stick and if it is used to measure the meditation duration or for maintaining the positive surroundings.
  3. You need to lit the incense in a well-ventilated room and before starting the meditation. The practice will help in spreading the smell of incense throughout the room and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

People are particular about the type of incense they use for meditation. Many people buy Platinum Lactose incense Online for meditating. If you are new to the meditation world and incense, you should try various fragrances before choosing your favorite scent for meditation. Some of the preferred incense fragrances for meditation are mentioned below-

1.) The famous Frankincense

Frankincense and myrrh are some of the most famous incense fragrances. It is widely used in catholic, anglo-catholic churches. Frankincense is widely popular for meditation purposes as well. It quickly calms the nerves and spreads positivity in the surroundings. The healing properties of Frankincense alleviate any stress or anxiety, thereby promoting peace and relaxation. You can easily burn the Frankincense incense. It helps a person in fighting off their vulnerabilities and negative aura. It also boosts self-confidence and makes a person more levelheaded.

2.) The heavenly sandalwood

Sandalwood incense is believed to be one of the best incense fragrances for meditation. It is widely used in Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries. The sandalwood incense is believed to make people more focused on meditating. It also keeps the negativity surrounding the area at bay. The fragrance blends in the environment and doesn’t feel overbearing. It is associated with deep cleansing of the soul and surroundings.

3.) The lovely lavender

Everyone knows about the healing benefits of lavender from aromatherapy and massage therapy sessions. Lavender incense is widely used for meditation purposes. If you meditate at night, then burning lavender incense is the best choice. It calms the nerves and induces sleep. The calming benefits of lavender help ward off the daily stress and help you dive deep into relaxation. It also relaxes the muscles and brings mental peace.

4.) The natural cedar

If you wish to connect with nature and embrace the earthy beauty to calm your nerves, cedar incense is the best option. Cedar incense is perfect for cleansing as it eliminates the negative energy and fills you and your surroundings with positive and earthy energy.

5.) The aromatic sage

Burning sage is part of the culture of many North American tribes. There are many reasons for burning sage, like getting rid of insects and purifying air, etc. Sage is widely used in meditation as it helps people in gaining control of their emotions. It helps you in winning the constant battle against your feelings. Sage incense lifts your mood, alleviates anxiety, and improves intuition. It builds a sense of security in the mind of a person. The secure space helps a person in freely expressing their emotions and gaining control over their feelings. Sage incense wards of any negative energy and eliminates the evil eye.


Other incense ideals for meditation include eucalyptus incense, cinnamon incense, and myrrh. If you successfully find the incense that calms your nerves, then you can buy those incense online. It also works as an odorizer. So you can reap twin benefits from buying Duval Platinum Lactose Incense.


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