What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care services is a professional care setting in which senior adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities get personalized therapeutic, health, and social services for some part of the day. Adult day care centers provide a safe, interactive, and secure environment and serve as intermediate providers of transitional care and immediate rehabilitation.

Generally, adult day care refers to community centers or non-residential senior homes that are focused on the needs of old-age adults. These care centers are open during regular business hours, accommodating the busy schedules of other family members who may be caring for elderly parents.

Some of these care centers also provide adult day care transportation services in California for the convenience of old-age people to reach there. These centers relieve primary caregivers while ensuring that elderly adults still get proper attentiveness and assistance in a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment.

Who uses adult day care services?

Adult day care services benefit old aged people who live in their houses, especially when they feel lonely or isolated. Inhabitants living in assisted living communities and people receiving long-term care also benefit from adult day care centers.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits for caregivers and recipients of care with adult day care centers. Adult day care can:

Provide therapy

Increase social interaction

Provide medical care (assistance with personal care, toileting, medications, blood pressure)

Provide exercise

Provide activities (art, gardening, music therapy)

Avoid re-hospitalization

Postpone admission into long-term care facilities

Adult day care can also give the caregiver time to:

Complete household tasks

Reduce the anxiety and responsibility of being a caregiver


Be with other family members and friends

Other considerations

Some care centers offer adult day care transportation in Santa Rosa, CA, to facilitate the use of their facilities. If transportation is provided, be sure to check the availability and schedule.

Moreover, when more care is required, and the caregiver requires extra assistance, it may be time to look into respite centers, as they provide longer hours of help (overnight, weekends).

Benefits of adult day care for attendees and caregivers

Family caregivers, especially adult children, often feel guilty placing their senior dad or mom in an adult day care center. However, when properly executed, adult day care can significantly improve the person’s complete behavior and provide the caregiver with much-needed time off. Adult day care programs allow older adults to socialize, increasing activity and alertness.

Generally, old age people can reap the benefits from adult day care centers as it allows them to stay in their age group of people while the caregiver only focuses on personal requirements. It also allows for physical breaks; at some point, all people need alone time, and constant interaction can really have a negative result. These programs also offer much-required social interaction and greater structure to daily actions.

In reference to activities and services, adult care programs deliver a wide range of helpful and life-changing advantages including:

Assistance with eating, toileting, taking medicines and walking

Different types of counseling

Exercise programs

Educational programs and other forms of intellectual stimulation

Preparation of meals and snacks

Podiatry care

Health monitoring like blood pressure and food or liquid intake

Social activities and transportation services

Therapy including physical, occupational, speech, and others

Professional care providers at specific adult day care facilities are skilled in fulfilling the unique needs of older adults with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory illnesses. This means they are trained with the proper tools to observe and control memory illness symptoms. These caregivers can monitor your loved one’s intellectual health and know when to recommend more progressive care.

Benefits for Family Members

Caring for a person with dementia is emotionally and mentally demanding, with many people requiring multiple hours each day on top of professional and family responsibilities. Adult day care services provide main caregivers much-needed support. Old-age loved ones receive the best quality care in a loving and attentive environment.

Many NEMT service companies offer adult day care center transportation in Santa Rosa. You can easily help your old-aged parents as professional experts come to your home to provide the best transportation to reach the adult day care center.


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