Driving with worn struts and shock coil springs can result in more than just a bad ride. If the symptoms are ignored for a longer time, it poses safety risks. Shocks and struts coil spring assembly play a significant role in smooth driving. They maintain loads placed on the tire and control excessive body and tire movement. Moreover, they help to maintain consistent handling and braking on uneven road surfaces.

The shocks and struts are used as a combination of the two. Shocks can be used as an independent component, while struts combine shocks in a single structural unit. Both shocks and struts help to stabilize the car and keep the tires in contact with the road. Without having the shocks and struts in place, your car will excessively bounce down the road.

  • Shocks– These act as shock absorbers. The ultimate goal of the shock absorbers is to give your car better handling and provide a smooth and comfortable drive.
  • Struts– Struts have various roles. They are a key part of the suspension and affect the car’s alignment and steering. The struts also include a coil spring.

A car will either have shocks or struts- not both. A shock cannot replace a strut. Similarly, the strut cannot replace the shocks.

Driving on rough and uneven roads carrying heavy loads in the vehicle can shorten the functional life of the suspension system, including the shocks and struts.

Below are the signs that your car needs new struts and shocks;

  • Bumpy ride– One of the most common signs of bad shocks and struts is a very uncomfortable ride. You will feel bump more than usual, and the ride will feel rude. So, if you feel like you are about to lose control of your car., your struts and shocks may have some issues. In that case, you must take your car to the service center before the shocks and struts cause major damage to your car.
  • Steering problems– Steering problem is another major sign of the shock and strut problem. Your steering wheel may feel hard to turn. And you may feel like you are leaning while taking a turn or switch your lane while driving the car. If anything such happens to you, quickly take your vehicle to your service center and request the professionals out there to check the suspension system thoroughly. Even if there is no issue with the suspension system, try to know the root cause of the issue to fix the steering problem.
  • Fluid leaks– The most common sign of bad shocks and struts is fluid leakage. If you find any fluid leakage, you should check your suspension system.
  • Mileage– The bumpy ride due to bad shocks and strut will cause more fuel consumption. Plus, you will need regular replacement of your struts and shocks every 50,000 miles, depending on your car type and model. Always have a routine check of your shocks and struts. So, if you feel the bumpy ride and decreasing mileage, there may be some issue with the shocks and struts.
  • Braking issue– If you feel unstable and lurches forward when you brake, there may be an issue with the shocks and struts. In short, your brake will not effectively work to stop the car while driving.
  • Unusual tire wear– Because the tire is not strongly held to the road due to bad shocks or struts, the tires will experience uneven tread wear. This problem is very dangerous and must be addressed as soon as possible. If you notice any such sign, see your car to your mechanic immediately.

Ensure you buy the right Shocks and struts coil spring assembly for your vehicle

It is important to buy top-quality shocks and struts since it is about your driving comfort and safety. So, choose a reputed aftermarket car part company operating over the years and offers shocks and struts of top brands. Likewise, ensure the shocks and struts you buy are designed to fit your vehicle model. Therefore, go through the Shocks and struts coil spring assembly specification before placing any order. Getting high-quality shocks and struts is a must to ensure they perform effectively for years.


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