The Kundalini yoga religion started from a Pakistani named Yogi Bogdan in the 1960s. He is known as the person who introduced Kundalini Yoga to western countries and is also responsible for spreading it beyond its humble roots. Kundalini is a word which is derived from “Kundal” a Sanskrit word that means circular. Kundalini yoga concentrates on channelling your Kundal energy which sits at the base of your spine. The energy is moved up through the chakras along your spine. Kundalini energy is said to contribute to spiritual and physical wellness. What makes practising this type of yoga so beneficial to its practitioners? In this post, we will be discussing the benefits of kundalini yoga to you.

Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

The kundalini manifest contains all the necessary information necessary for beginners to practice. The manuscript also provides veteran practitioners with the guidelines that they must follow in order to practice kundalini yoga properly. When this yoga type is practices properly, here are some of the benefits you can derive from it:

Improved Cognitive Function

Studies have shown that kundalini yoga can positively affect the cognitive functions of the practitioners. Individuals who have practiced kundalini yoga for more than 12 weeks have noticed improved reasoning, people solving, and cognitive flexibility. It is a fun and relaxing way to improve your mental output as it enables you to find new and creative ways to approach old problems.

Improved Energy and Stamina

Yoga is exercise and just like other exercises, Yoga improves energy and stamina of its participants. Consistent practice of kundalini yoga ensures that you feel refreshed and filled with energy after. It is a habit that should be incorporated into your lifestyle if you are looking for a simple and efficient way to include exercising into your daily routine.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety levels

If you live a high stakes work life, you are sure to build up a lot of stress in short periods of time. Kundalini yoga is known to provide immediate stress release after a session is complete. Performing kundalini yoga consistently for as little as 8 weeks is known to lower anxiety levels and it is a certified treatment for patients suffering from general anxiety disorders.

Improved Self Perception

Kundalini yoga is known to improve body perception and confidence. It makes you more comfortable in your body and allows you to take charge of your day. If you want a simple way to improve body positivity and start living a confident life, kundalini yoga is the answer. There are so many poses that are designed to help you feel refreshed and more confident after each session.

Spiritual Enlightenment

The kundalini manifest affects both the physical and spiritual parts of payout life. When your kundalini energy gets circulated around your body, it improves your empathy and makes you more centered and in tune with the spiritual. Your charisma, creativity, and other parts of your mental and spiritual life get touched and you become more connected with your environment.

The benefits are numerous but it is always important to note that practicing kundalini yoga properly will ensure that you reap all the benefits of this wonderful exercise. There are many poses you can choose from and some are tailored for beginners while others are more suited for experienced practitioners. One reason why Kundalini yoga is popular among yoga practitioners is that it is highly spiritual and it is considered the most spiritual type of yoga. Practicing kundalini yoga gives you a chance to have a balanced spiritual and physical well-being and it helps you to improve both aspects of your life within a short period.

Although kundalini yoga has these benefits to the body, not everyone can practice kundalini yoga. If you have breathing problems, balance problems, joint pains, or pregnancy, you are expected to seek the counsel of a doctor. It is not safe to practice kundalini yoga if you have any of these conditions as it could be detrimental to your health. If you are just starting out, it is important that you follow the guidance of an experienced yogi so that they can guide you on the correct way to perform the poses.


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