Sooner or later, every metal corrode. However, when appropriately treated, corrosion occurrence can be postponed. But the fact is that you will have corrosion such as rust at some point. When this happens, you should look for ways to remove it as quickly as possible, and one of the options you have is laser rust cleaning.

If you don’t do something about the rust, your machinery or structure surface will begin to degrade and break down, lowering the lifespan of your product and ultimately causing you to buy a new one. Here are some excellent benefits of choosing a professional laser rust cleaning company for your rust removal:



 Unlike the conventional methods that use chemicals and other abusive solutions to eliminate rust, laser rust cleaning is on another level. In fact, laser cleaning is the sole method that meets environmental protection regulations.

It means you can get rid of rust without causing damage to the environment. Moreover, this method generates relatively low dust in the atmosphere, which can be vacuumed almost instantly with a dust extraction system. Due to this capability of offering optimum environmental safety, many industries these days are considering the services of laser rust cleaning companies in Alberta.


Eliminates manual labor

There is no denying that cleaning every part of the metal manually can be expensive and inefficient. Laser cleaning is done by equipment that a single person or two people can operate as it is either entirely or semi-automated, minimizing the expense of manual labor.



 Unlike chemical cleaning solutions, operators are safe with laser rust cleaning. That is because it is a non-contact procedure, providing a safe working environment for the operator. In addition, personal protective equipment for the body, ears, or nose is also not required. Also, no dangerous materials are used, which may harm health.

How does rust removal work?

All materials have distinguishing characteristics that define how they react under certain circumstances. It is known as the ablation threshold. The laser beam should be shone at an intensity below the material’s ablation threshold on the surface that’s being cleaned. After that, sufficient energy is dispersed as heat to remove the rust.

What’s left behind is a thoroughly cleaned surface that was hiding underneath the layer of rust. Rust is removed at high speed, and the power of the laser will depend on the thickness of the rust.

Laser technology can also be used for weld cleaning. So if you have been looking for weld cleaning services in Alberta or anywhere, contacting a laser cleaning company may be wise.


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