Finding your dream home can be a journey full of hassle. Your priority is to find a house that meets all your requirements, is under budget, is situated in a safe and secure neighborhood, is structurally strong, and doesn’t possess any issues.

local real estate expert will help you find your dream abode, and a home inspector will assess whether the house is safe for you and your family to live in. Some homebuyers tend to skip home inspection because they think it is unnecessary. We bring you ten reasons not to skip the home inspection.

It Assures You about the Safety of the House

When you invest in an Alamo CA real estate, you may not be able to assess how safe it is to live. The home inspector does this job for you. The home inspection detects the health hazard present in the house, including mold build-up, carbon monoxide, and radon. While drawing the home purchase contract, ensure a clause states that you can cancel the deal if any hazard is detected.

It Offers You Way Out of the Deal

You can access a house from its exterior; however, it is very tough to detect any structural defect without any professional knowledge. A high-quality home inspection of Alamo CA real estate will reveal all the critical information about the house, including its system and condition. It will make you aware of whether the house requires any repair or maintenance and its cost. If you are not comfortable with the home inspection finding, you can back out from the offer to purchase.

It Offers Your Family Protection

As per local real estate experts, you should not skip the home inspection to buy a foreclosed home. Houses that have not been inhabited for a long time may have hazardous mold development that may cause health issues to your family member. Moreover, when homeowners know they can’t afford their property loan anymore, they stop taking care of it. It is common for home inspectors to find outdoor compressors and copper plumbing lines missing in foreclosed homes as people try to sell them.

It Helps You to Discover Illegal Installations and Additions

Local real estate experts recommend home inspection because it reveals illegal additions in the house. It will help you determine whether a basement, altered garage, and rooms were completed without following the construction code or proper permit. When you invest in a house with illegal additions, it is purchasing something that is not legal. Moreover, if a property has illegal or unpermitted room additions, it will affect your usability, overall value, taxes, and insurance. Even systems not installed as per the code in the new home can become a financial problem.

You Can Use It as a Negotiation Tool

The home inspection can offer you an opportunity to negotiate Alamo CA real estate prices.  When you find any repair or maintenance issue, you can use them to request a price deduction from the home seller. You can discuss what can be used for negotiation with the real estate agent.

It Will Help You to Determine the Deal-Breakers

The home inspection will help you discover the property’s deal-breakers. The inspector will help you determine what extra cost you need to invest in your new home to make it worth living. Some of these issues include cracked ceilings, walls, faulty gutter, to name a few. If these are deal-breakers for you, you can continue your home hunting.

It Helps You to See the Big Picture

The home inspection will reveal the overall health of the house. When you visit a property, you fall in love with its location, backyard, and wall color. However, a house is more than these elements. Its structural stability and health play a crucial role. When you turn blind to these elements, your dream home can become a nightmare. You don’t want to live in a beautiful house from the outside; however, it has a weak foundation.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make a worthy investment, conduct a home inspection before signing the deal. The home inspection would highlight any existing issues, thus saving you from any surprise in the future. Don’t say yes to a house without consulting the home inspector.


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