The process of aging makes the body weaker and prone to several chronic conditions. As our body becomes weak, its ability to cope with stress and depression also significantly decreases. Many scientific studies have confirmed that several diseases are associated with the stress that eventually impacts our bodies.

Unfortunately, in modern times, we experience a significant amount of physical, mental, and emotional stress in our lives than ever before. However, there are specific ways to overcome the effects of stress and maintain a healthy body, one of them is through massage therapy.

From pain reduction to boosting the immune system, massage therapy offers many rewarding health benefits for senior adults. Let’s discover more about massage therapy and its benefits for seniors.

How can Elderly Adults Benefit Significantly from Massage Therapy?

Apart from the known benefits such as deep relaxation, massage therapies have proven effective in reducing stress, depression, and several health problems. From increased blood flow to improving the immune system and digestion system, the benefits of massage therapy are endless. The best thing is people of all ages can reap all the benefits of massage therapies.

Senior adults can get the best massage services in Warwick, New York, for stroke recovery, improved energy balance, relief from Arthritis pain, improved nervous system, and lots more!

Common Stress-Related Health Problems

  • Headaches and
  • Migraines
  • Increased Muscle Tension
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

As we can see, the adverse outcomes of stress affect senior adults and people of all age groups.

But how can we overcome the adverse effects of stress on our bodies? The answer is massage therapy!

1.) Provides Relief from Arthritis Pain

Most senior adults suffer from arthritis pain, severely impacting their ability to do their daily tasks. Fortunately, massage therapy is effective in providing relief from arthritis pain. A professional massage therapist uses stimulating techniques to reduce the stiffness in muscles.

It improves the blood circulation in the joints and eventually reduces arthritis pain. If your senior loved one is suffering from arthritis pain, we recommend opting for licensed massage service in Orange County, NY.

2.) Stimulates the Nervous System

Our nervous system plays a crucial role in controlling our activities, thinking abilities, memorizing skills, and functions of the organs such as the heart. However, as we become older, the process of the nervous system becomes slow, and it can start accumulating waste products in the brain tissues.

Massage therapy releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and dopamine that helps to boost the function of the nervous system. So, massage therapy can provide endless benefits to the nervous systems and other organs by releasing feel-good hormones.

3.) Eases Stroke Recovery

People who have suffered a stroke are always prone to the risk of another stroke in the future. Doctors usually recommend more physical activities to people who experience a stroke. Massage therapy can also help reduce the chances of another stroke by stimulating the specific area that may suffer paralysis in the future.

Moreover, most people who suffer from a stroke also suffer from post-stroke pain, which can be back pain or lower back pain. In this case, getting a back pain relief massage in Warwick, New York, can be a good option.

4.) Reduces Muscle Stiffness and Tension

Senior adults often struggle to perform the daily activities as their body becomes weak with age. Due to a lack of physical activities, the muscles become stiff, and it hampers the flexibility of the body. Moreover, it can also make muscles tighter and eventually cause tension in the muscles.

Fortunately, massage therapy sessions of a licensed massage therapist can help improve the blood flow in the body and eventually helps to reduce muscle stiffness and tensions.

The Bottom Line

Combining massage therapy with other alternative treatments can also help to speed up its positive outcomes. This is why many reputed health and wellness centers personalize the treatment of their clients to provide long-lasting relief from the specific health problem and speed up the healing process. If you or any of your loved ones want to explore the countless benefits of massage therapy, we recommend consulting a professional licensed massage therapist right away!


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