Do you know that you can reduce your mental stress by reading a book? Reading is very effective in reducing stress. According to a study in 2009 mentioned at, “reading reduced stress in participants by nearly 70 per cent and was more effective than things like having a cup of tea or listening to music.”

Even, the study showed that reading at least 6 minutes helps in reducing stress. If we talk about another study, 30 minutes of reading time of a book worked for stress reduction as a yoga session of the same period. Now you know how effective reading a book is for stress reduction by different studies. Moreover, you can choose any book, like a book written by a wellness writer in Florida, and read them.  

Bedtime reading for good sleep

There is a huge importance of reading a book when you are on the bed. The quality of your sleep decides how well you will spend your next day. Good sleep is important for sound health. Having a good sleep means you will feel energized for the next entire day. But it is not as easy as it seems. So, you should create a bedtime routine by reading a book for a few minutes. You can choose any book of interest. You can pick a book written by a wellness writer in Miami. 

A few minutes of reading helps you shut your eyes and get a good sleep for the whole night. But it can’t be easy for many people to stop using phones and pick a book. After all, it is a matter of your health. So, you should try reading a physical book, not an e-reader or tablet.

It builds up your brain

Reading a book is as important as going to the gym. When you read a book, you need to read using different muscles, helping you make your mental health better. Further, reading requires you to keep your mind active, so you take care of your mental health. While reading, you need to pay attention to words by using the memory skills that help you improve your mind. With regular reading, you can collect important vocabulary that can help day-to-day life.

When it comes to choosing a book, you should pick one that adds value to your life, not the one that depreciates your life. For example, you can pick a wellness book written by a Wellness Writer in Florida and read it regularly. You will gain many wellness benefits by reading a wellness book. 

Reading a look helps in dealing with mental illness

In this digital age, everything has become accessible and comfortable. Due to this, most people try to do the things that are easier to do, like watching videos. But you should know that reading a book has its own advantage. While it takes effort, you can’t compare it with other digital things. Even reading works as a great therapy. Reading therapy is known as bibliotherapy.

Bibliotherapists prescribe some books to treat certain illnesses such as anxiety, grief, or depression. If you don’t need to take this therapy, you can choose a book written by a wellness writer in Miami and create a regular habit of reading it. Or, you can visit a therapist and take a consultation. That’s all.


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