If you often have trouble sleeping, you may have turned to high-tech devices such as sweet noise generators, mattress pad sensors, etc., to help the brain and body calm down and fall asleep. However, sometimes going old school is best, especially when proven to be effective.

Novelty felt sleep masks had been around for generations, and they are also supported by science. Here is why sleep masks may be the answer to getting a good night’s sleep.

Many of us believe that using a sleep mask comes in handy only under dire circumstances like sleeping on a plane or bus. Why would you need a sleep mask in the bedroom where you control the light. This misconception leads approximately 97% of people to believe that sleep masks are unnecessary, but science says otherwise.

As humans evolved, our bodies adopted a daily lifestyle where we wake up when it’s light and sleep when it’s dark. Nature has created a perfect alarm clock within us that our bodies and minds are accustomed to. However, in a technological age where electricity is common, it’s almost impossible to achieve complete dark.

According to science, our body naturally produces Melatonin to aid in better sleep when lights go off. Hence, complete darkness is necessary to achieve optimal sleep. Since this is the case, Novelty felt sleep masks do work because of the added darkness that they provide.

In a nutshell, the biggest benefit of sleep masks is their ability to stimulate extreme darkness so that an individual can sleep peacefully. Some conditions in which a Novelty felt sleep mask can be extremely beneficial are:

  • Poor sleeping routines

Thanks to technology, these days, night shifts have become extremely normal. Hence, those who work night shifts and sleep during the day might find it difficult to sleep due to the lack of darkness. Also, patients at the hospital never get a break from the constant light and noise in their surroundings.

Sleep eyes masks have been found helpful in such situations. These provide the required darkness to the eyes to signal the brain that it’s time to sleep and boost the production of Melatonin which ultimately leads to deep and peaceful sleep.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition when an individual can’t sleep or can’t stay asleep for a long time, even when the lights are out. Now imagine today’s lifestyle where almost every bedroom has some tiny light objects, or decorative light can disturb these sensitive sleepers.

With Novelty felt sleep masks, one can easily avoid these bright distractions. Even if you open your eyes, the resulting place will be darkness. It is an excellent way to fool your brain into overcoming insomnia. Sleep masks help maximum people to fall asleep easily and stay asleep. If it is not helping you, we recommend you consult with your physician for medical help.

  • Dry eyes

Many people rely on the fans and air conditioners in warmer climates to regulate their body temperature and create a peaceful and relaxing environment to sleep. However, it could potentially dry out eyes, whether from the cold air or dust inside the room. An eye mask will create a barrier for your eyes and keep them protected from dryness while ensuring you enjoy a long deep sleep.

What to look for in the perfect sleep mask?

There are countless types and designs of sleep masks available on the market. So what makes one better than the other? Ideally, the sleep mask you choose should:

  • Block the light completely.
  • Made of soft, comfortable, and breathable material such as super soft luxe fleece.
  • Made of durable material such as felt.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Must not put uncomfortable pressure on the eyes.
  • Straps are secure enough to keep the mask from falling from the eyes while sleeping.

You may like to go for Novelty felt sleep masks because felt is a recyclable, eco-friendly, and durable material. It won’t make you uncomfortable in any way, and neither the earth. Moreover, these masks are available in various cute designs that you may love. You can even buy Novelty felt sleep masks for kids made specifically to fit their tiny faces of kids and provide them a long and deep sleep.

So now that you know how helpful sleep masks can be, grab them today and reward yourself with the sleep you deserve!


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