If you are new to buying Narcotics Anonymous or NA coins for sale online, it can be tricky to know what options are available. The Narcotics Anonymous coins are also called NA chips.

They are a key tool in the recovery process of addicts who have joined the Narcotics Anonymous movement. If you’re wondering how to get Narcotics Anonymous coins online, here are some options you might want to consider.

Why Buy Narcotics Anonymous Coins?

The Narcotics Anonymous coins are a useful tool to help newcomers and those early in their recovery from drug addiction feel more integrated with the fellowship. The coins also provide an opportunity for service that many members find satisfying.

The Narcotics Anonymous coins are stamped with an NA logo on one side and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions on the other side.

NA Coins Come In Different Shapes and Sizes

The NA coins for sale online come in different shapes and sizes. The design on one currency may be more pleasing to you than another, so it would be wise for you to know what design and size you prefer before buying them.

Knowing these details will make it easier for you to find your perfect match of coins when looking through potential sellers. They differ in their composition, what they are made of, the message inscribed on them, and the significance they hold for those who carry them.

The Different Material Options Available 

You can find many different types of narcotics anonymous medallions online, with each having its characteristics. A 1-year NA coin can be available in silver or copper materials, while others are made from gold and have much higher prices.

The metal chosen will depend on everyone’s tastes and preferences, as well as their budget. Silver and gold both come with advantages that may make them more suitable for specific purposes.

Custom Narcotics Anonymous Coins  

The custom-designed coins are meant to help those affected by addiction stay safe in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous and symbolize the many struggles individuals face while battling addiction. These coins come pre-personalized with the hallmark Narcotics Anonymous symbol of double tridents within an oval on one side and the word Narcotics inside an oval on the reverse side.

Different Design Options

Generally, a 1-year NA coin has an ‘NA,’ a triangle, a globe, and two arrows. The coins are very different and depend on the group. For instance, the phrase “May I help you find a way back to yourself” is engraved on many of the coins given as a gift when someone puts their addiction behind them.

The Message Choice

These coins have a great variety of different messages on them, depending on which one you choose. Some focus on staying clean, some tell a story or symbolize a person’s recovery from addiction, while others work to keep the member free of external conflicts.

The Line That Means a Lot

To think own self be true. This line, taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has been adopted by NA members. Some interpret it as an invitation to be honest, while others see it as meaning that one should not try to fake their feelings about themselves.

Triangle Symbol

The NA Triangle Symbolizes The Trinity Of Recovery – Mind, Body, And Spirit. With sobriety and stability achieved through all three areas, addicts can finally focus on themselves and their needs.

How to Give Your Narcotics Anonymous Coins Meaning?

You can give meaning to NA coins by using them as an incentive in AA meetings. Giving out physical coins to those who don’t have them or are trying to get them is also a way that NA coins can be meaningful.

Another way to add meaning is by engraving them with what they stand for and what they mean in your life.

How You Buy NA Coins?

There are many ways you can find NA coins for sale. However, purchasing coins online is very common than visiting a brick-and-mortar shop. It is important to be aware of all your options and research before you make your decision. Some websites don’t offer discreet packaging or fast enough delivery for your needs.


Always read reviews, compare prices, and find out what people are saying about that company’s security and customer service before making your purchase. If you have any doubts about where you should be buying from, it’s best not to take chances.

In The End

If you ever feel that you have had enough and don’t want to live another day in addiction, then NA coins might be worth looking into. They can help you get through your addiction by giving you an emotional support network and accountability partners to get you through your worst times. Just keep the above options in mind when buying one.


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