Texas is usually regarded as the hottest place in the United States and it gets even hotter when the summer season steps in. This makes it all the more reason why an outside misting fan is important.

If you live in Texas and run an outdoor restaurant, or love spending time outside, cooling misters for patio umbrellas are essentials. This is because it helps you cope with spending time outdoors without getting sunburn and sweltering.

So, in this article, we’ll be looking at the several outside misting fans available and where to get a quality misting fan or cooling misters for patio umbrellas.

Cooling Misters for Patio

Spending time outside especially during the summer is one of the many ways people tend to relax. However, the scorching sun and sweltering weather can sometimes be a turn of making you want to spend all your summer indoors. Hence the need for outdoor cooling misters.


Cooling misters for patio umbrellas usually take the shape of the traditional umbrella or sunshade. Just that a misting system is added to it which makes it more important than the regular sunshade or umbrella.

How Does Cooling Misters for Patio Works?

Now, how this outdoor cooling system works is quite simple. Surprisingly, it only takes 10 minutes or less to set up. All that’s required is a hose, connected to the base of the umbrella to produce a cool mist around the sheltered area.

Compared to the regular umbrella, this cooling system works with water. However, because of the nozzles and the high-pressure pump attached to it, it tends to break down the water particles to smaller bits less than 5 microns. This makes it feel like a cool breeze on your skin.

Suffice it to say that this outdoor cooling system is designed as an air conditioner except that it functions outdoors. It’s also quite beautiful for outdoor spaces. And so with this new technology, you get to enjoy your outdoor spaces making the summer heat bearable.

Furthermore, a high-pressure cooling system gets to cool outdoor temperatures for 30 degrees which invariably means a long and relaxed day of quality time with your spouse and kids.

What is an Outside Misting Fan?

An outside misting fan looks like a regular fan just that it cools off more than a regular fan would. It’s best for your outdoor activities, cooling your outdoor areas without making them wet.

The one thing that signifies a cooling system from the regular sunshade or fan is that it works with water, blowing not just ordinary air but cool air rendering the summer heat bearable.

An outside misting fan also functions as an outdoor air conditioner and comes in several sizes and designs. Whatever your budget is, there’s always a fan to fit in. You could either own a big size to use at your pool, porch, or garden areas with your family or a portable or wall-sized fan.

What is the Importance of Cooling Misters for Patio Umbrella?

Cooling Misters for patio umbrellas is quite necessary for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why having the regular sunshade won’t suffice.


  • The summer heat is usually hot. The regular shade may just protect you from the sun and not the heat. Whereas a cooling mister would serve as a cover from the sun and cool your body from the heat as well


  • If you own an outdoor restaurant, your customer’s satisfaction should be your topmost priority. So in every way you can make them comfortable and relaxed, you ought to. Cooling misters are usually recommended for outdoor restaurant owners in Texas


  • It uses minimum energy which is an incentive to own one. Although many persons may feel because it functions with water, then it may require so much water to work. Whereas on the contrary, it’s not so


  • It looks good for various settings. There are several patio umbrella designs available and a cooling system can be attached to each design making it look fancy and beautiful which is a good way to increase your customers

Where to Get Quality Outside Misting Fans

Now that we’ve understood the essence of an outdoor cooling system and why it’s important, getting a quality cooling system is quite necessary. You wouldn’t want to buy an outdoor cooling system for a huge amount and it doesn’t serve you.

So if you need durable outside misting fans, here’s where you could get one – Atomist. We sell the best outdoor cooling system for amazing prices. Whatever your budget is, we’ve got a fan for you.

With over 35 years of experience and 12 years in business, you’re sure to get the best outside misting fan. Also, for persons living outside of Texas, you can place an order for a misting fan and be sure to get it within 2 – 3 days. Frankly, you most likely won’t get the customer service we render elsewhere.


There are a million and one benefits of having cooling misters for patio umbrellas especially if you run an outdoor business. However, getting a quality misting system you’ll need this summer to increase your customers’ return is important. So you could place a call through today and have it fixed in no time.



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