You don’t realize the importance of wearing high-quality, fashionable suits until you buy one. It makes you more confident and ready for any business environment or social event. If you are in sales or a customer-facing role at work, ensure you buy a suitable belt and silk tie. If you don’t know what’s trendy, go for a classic look or peruse the latest edition of GQ magazine to study the latest trends in formal wear.

Ties have lost their popularity

Let’s not pigeonhole suits for just official meetings or formal events. People who enjoy wearing suits can wear the appropriate one from their wardrobe for anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily need a tie or pocket square to look classy and trendy. With the vast range of patterned shirts these days, you can rock an event with a casual dress code by matching a zany shirt with a suit in the right color. Another option when wearing a modern fit by a brand like Bertolini Suits is wearing a plain t-shirt with a round or v neck. Think of Don Johnson in Miami Vice some decades ago.

If you don’t know the difference between fabrics and styles, view Bertolini men’s suits collection online. The hand-picked selection available at the top online store for men’s clothing are in various fits and tailored from silk & wool fabric. To add something, many like multi-colored socks or accessories that represent their taste without standing out. If you are someone who doesn’t like ties or pocket squares, wear the nicest cufflinks and an unusual pair of socks. Your shoes and belt should be classy and trendy. Choose brown leather for a daytime event and black leather for wearing in the night. If you are traveling light, wear a color like ox blood with a dark grey suit which is suitable for night and day.

Here are four of the most popular suit fits:

  • Classic – Jacket is regular fit through shoulders, chest, and waist. Sits at the waist with a relaxed fit through hips and thighs, straight leg opening.
  • Modern – Jacket is a perfect balance of classic and slim. Sits at waist, trim fit through hips and thighs, slightly tapered leg opening.
  • Slim – The jacket is cut close to the shoulders, chest and waist. Sits slightly below waist, slim fit through hips and thighs, straight or narrow leg opening.
  • Skinny – Fits closest to the body, narrow-cut chest and shorter jacket. Low rise, extra slim through hips and thighs with narrowest leg opening.

Create a positive impact

There’s often nothing more frustrating than interviewing someone with dirty fingernails or unkempt hair, regardless of their stylish suit and tie. Another thing for those using public transport is an excellent deodorant to avoid body odor in a closed room. If you own a suit in an unusual color, the safest bet is to wear a crisp white shirt with full sleeves. If you buy Bertolini suits from the top online store, take advantage of their exotic shoe collection and Italian shirts to match the latest addition to your wardrobe. With the leading online store, you can be sure that their products match the latest trends, and whether you buy shoes or ties, they will not be from the previous season. If you are lucky, you might find the perfect suit at a lower price than anywhere else.

With the festive season in a couple of months, the top online store for men’s clothing not only has the best collection of Bertolini’s men’s suits but cutting edge casual wear also. You can find something special for everyone on your gift list at slashed prices. Since 1997, the family-owned business’ owners have tailored their services and products for bespoke treatment of their customers and a personalized experience. With their online store, they are often tempted to increase the range of products manifold, but their first-hand experience tells them to stock only the best brands that aren’t available at some of the biggest chains in the US. When you are an expert at shopping for formals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by not only their collection of Bertolini suits but hip hats and exotic shoes too.


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