When it comes time to buy or sell a home, many people turn to a real estate agent for help. While this is often the best decision, choosing the right agent for your needs.

Many agents are out there, and not all are created equal. This blog post will discuss pitfalls to avoid while choosing an Oshawa Real Estate agent.

1) Not Doing Research

When looking for a real estate agent, it is essential to do your homework. There are many agents out there, and not all of them are a good fit for you. Ask around for recommendations, and do online research to find the best agent for you.

It is also essential to be aware of the different agents out there. Some agents work for buyers, and some agents work for sellers. It is essential to find an agent that works for you and your needs.

A buyer’s agent means that the agent works for you and looks out for your best interests. A seller’s agent means that the agent works for the seller and gets them the best price possible.

Some agents work as dual agents, which means they work for both the buyer and the seller.

2) Not Checking References

Another pitfall to avoid is not checking references in the Oshawa MLS listing. Once you have found a few agents you are interested in, it is essential to check their references.

Ask the agent for a list of past clients and give them a call. Ask about their experience working with the agent and recommend them.

It is also good to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the agent.

3)Compare Their Prices

When you are interviewing agents, be sure to ask about their prices. You want to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

It is essential to compare the prices of different agents before making a decision.

The total estimate will include:

-The agent’s commission

-The marketing fees

-The advertising costs

You want to be assured that you are comfortable with the total estimate before moving forward.

If an agent is significantly cheaper than the others, it is essential to find out why. It could be that they are new to the business and do not have the same level of experience.

Be sure to ask about their marketing and advertising plans as well. You want to be sure that they have a plan in place and are not just guessing what will work best for you.

4) Not Getting a Written Contract

Once you have chosen the right agent, be sure to get a written contract. This contract will protect you and ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

The contract should include:

-The agent’s commission

-The length of the contract

-What services the agent will provide

-Who is responsible for advertising costs

It is essential to have a clear understanding of what is included in the contract before signing it.

5) Checking for Additional Services

Some real estate agents will offer additional services for an extra fee. Some services include:

-Home staging

-Home warranty

-Mortgage pre-approval

Be sure to ask about the cost of these services before deciding if you want to use them.

Also, check if they offer guaranteed real estate services. It involves the agent agreeing to sell your home within a specific time frame, or they will buy it themselves.

While this is not essential, it can give you peace of mind knowing that your agent is committed to selling your home.

6) Not Interviewing the Agent

After researching and checking references, it is time to interview the agent. It is an essential step in choosing the right agent.

During the interview, ask about their experience, knowledge of the area, and communication style.

The agent must be a good fit for you in terms of experience and knowledge. They should be someone that you feel comfortable working with and who shares your values.

If the agent cannot answer your questions or if you do not feel comfortable with them, it is best to move on and find another agent. You want to ensure that you have a positive experience working with your Oshawa Real Estate agent.


These are just a few of the pitfalls to avoid while choosing an Oshawa real estate agent. By taking the time to do your research and interview potential agents, you can be sure to find the right agent for you.


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