Many men have a craze for sweatshirts, but they fail miserably when choosing the perfect type of these wearables.

Sweatshirts were once a staple in blue jeans and sneakers wardrobe, but today they have evolved so much that picking one can be a bit overwhelming.

While numerous options like the oatmeal heather eco hoodie are available in the market, men tend to overlook certain essential aspects that can make or break their cool quotient. Read on as this article explains the pitfalls to avoid while buying a sweatshirt for men:-

Choosing the Fabric of The Sweatshirt 

The most important aspect of the sweatshirts is their fabric and color. Nowadays, these apparels come in a variety of materials and fabric combinations. The most popular ones include fleece, flannel, cotton, and polyester.

When choosing the fabric, always go for what is comfortable to wear and what goes well with other items in your wardrobe, such as shirts or skirts. Shop a men’s half-zip mock that can distinguish your usual color palette. And most importantly, pick something that keeps you warm.

The Price of the Sweatshirt    

High price does give a high quality in the case of sweatshirts. If you are not well-versed in fabrics, then it is best to stick with basic cotton sweatshirts. They are budget-friendly and readily available in the market.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, opt for Pima cotton or alpaca sweatshirts. The materials are known for their softness, durability, and ability to retain warmth.

Treat Your Sweatshirt as An Outerwear 

Men make the mistake of wearing their sweatshirts only to the gym or playing sports. However, these apparels are highly versatile and can be worn for casual outings.

You can match sweatshirts with casual trousers or your favorite jeans. Take some inspiration from celebrities and attend events in the same sweatshirt with an elegant pair of pants. A couple of jackets can also work well on these wearables for a more polished look.

Know Your Height 

Whether you are petite or tall, the length of the sweatshirt you choose should be proportional to your body size. Short women should go for shorter-length sweatshirts, while taller ones can opt for longer ones.

However, it is best to avoid highly long apparel because the bottom hemline can pool around your legs.

Go For A Versatile Color 

You can never mess up with primary colors for sweatshirts. Choose for black, gray, or white in one-color combinations to ensure that it goes well with most of your casual bottoms or jeans.

You can also shop a men’s half-zip mock in fun colors like bright pink or light blue for sweatshirts. Make sure that these colors are not too bright because they can look unwearable on the streets.

Go For Regular Fit 

It is best to avoid plain style for men’s sweatshirts. These garments come in regular and slim fit styles with a difference in length and width.

Slim-fit Peruvian sweatshirts are tight-fitted and shorter than regular ones. They show off your shapely curves perfectly. However, if you prefer comfort over style, go for the plain style one instead of opting for a slim fit.

Buy from Reputed Seller

While the internet is flooded with numerous options for men’s sweatshirts, not every store offers good-quality apparel.

Most of these stores sell apparel at throwaway prices, thinking they can make money even if one sweatshirt gets ruined after a wash. But in reality, this often harms the brand’s reputation, and you end up stuck with a useless piece of clothes.

Not Check for Returns Policy 

Before finalizing your sweatshirt, always check for their return and exchange policy.

It will help you in case of sizing issues or any other problem with the clothes. It is right to go with sellers who offer hassle-free returns and free shipping.

Not Checking Warranty 

Speaking of the warranty, it is best to opt for brands that offer a lifetime warranty on stitching and fabric. The same can be sought out in their return policy as well. Check if there are any special instructions attached to washing or cleaning the sweatshirt.

Check for Wash and Care Details 

You must always check the wash and care instructions to ensure that your sweatshirt does not lose its shape or colors even after several washes. Also, opt for machine-washable items to save yourself from the hassle of having to hand wash them every time they get dirty.


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