Are you planning to buy a new home with a swimming pool? Or are you a homeowner with a swimming pool? You will want to know about a pool inspection service in Sarasota or your area. A professional pool inspection is advantageous for both home buyers and homeowners. A thorough pool inspection by a home inspector lets you know the current condition of the pool and its mechanical processes. If you keep a pool unchecked, you may need to pay for costly repairs.

This article explains everything about a professional pool inspection, like what a home inspector does. So, keep reading this guide.

What does a pool inspection include?

A pool inspection service from one of the best home inspection services in Florida includes many aspects. After all, your inspector will let you know everything about it. But below, we have included some of the aspects of a pool inspection.

  • Pool Safety

It is the responsibility of a pool inspector to ensure your pool’s safety. A pool inspector makes the safety checks like electrical wires are not close to the pool. Also, they ensure the walkways around the pool are safe from slips and trips.

Further, a pool inspection service ensures fencing and latches. They check that fencing and latches are in working condition. If you have a pool at your property, you should know that fencing should be installed up to a certain height so a child can fall into the pool accidentally. Also, the design of fencing should be in a way so a child can’t climb over.

A pool inspection service like a Sarasota residential inspection service can’t check your outdoor space as it doesn’t come under an inspection category. For this, you need to hire a code inspector who works with local laws and ordinances.

  • Pool Interior

Vinyl liners are installed inside some pools. These are the devices that maintain the water inside the pool, preventing it from going out. If the liner has a tear, you may require costly repairs.

If we talk about other types of pools, they are finished with plasters. When you hire a home inspector to inspect a pool, they run a safety check for plasters if they are cracked. By checking for cracks, they make your pool safe from serious issues in the future. A professional also checks decorative and functional tiling.

  • Pool Lighting

Some of the pools are equipped with inside lighting. If your pool has the same, you need to run an inspection for it. Here a pool inspection service in Sarasota or your area inspect the light bulbs and LED lights. They ensure whether they are older or new. They also suggest some upgraded lighting systems.

  • Tile & Decking Around Pool

A pool deck is an area where most of the activities are performed. No doubt swimming is a great activity, but it is not without a comfortable lounge. After all, children want to have some fun with the edge that is why it is important to run an inspection for it. A pool inspection company from one of the best home inspection services in Florida inspects it. Usually, it is made using hard materials like concrete, brick, etc., and is 12-18 inches wide.

  • The remaining part of the yard

An inspector also inspects the remaining area of the yard to make sure if there are any quality issues around the pool. They run a check for the roof gutters to ensure any rainwater dripping into the pool.

  • Saltwater Corrosion

A pool with salt water is a great option if you want not to use more chlorine to sanitize and maintain the pool. But not that the presence of salt in pool water tends to create corrosion. One of the best Sarasota residential inspection services inspects such pools with proper attention.

  • Pool Pumps

A pump plays a vital role in a pool. It is responsible for spreading water through filters and heaters to maintain the water’s purity and warmth. So, it is worth knowing that the pump is working correctly.

  • Pool Accessories

As you know swimming pools are places to have some fun, that means they can be accessorized. If you want to accessorize your pool, you can use a pool cover and many other things. An inspector checks such accessories. That’s all.



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