The word Clairvoyant ordinarily means ‘Clear sight’ but it is not referring to our normal eyes we use in seeing, it means making use of your sixth sense or inner senses.

Sometimes people are confused and don’t know the direction their life is taking and wonder if they are on the right path of destiny. When you find yourself in such a situation, consulting a clairvoyant psychic isn’t a bad idea because most people find peace after that consultation.

A psychic clairvoyant can also be defined as someone who claims to have the ability to get information about a person, location and an object, these claims don’t have scientific backing.

Parapsychology is the study that deals with clairvoyance.

Because of how desperate people are for answers, there has been an emergence of Psychic and Clairvoyant Scams. Psychic and Clairvoyant scams are done by people who have a way of tricking people to pay money in exchange for help.

These scammers send email, SMS or can even meet you and tell you of a looming danger and try offering solutions, the solution may include (a) To offer protection, to make you win the lottery, give you a lucky charm or help you break a curse. Sometimes if you refuse to oblige these Clairvoyant psychic scammers or refuse to pay them, they may begin to threaten you with curses or put fear in you by telling you they will invoke bad luck charm on you.

But when you fall for their scam, they may send you things that are of no worth or nothing at all.

It is dangerous to go into alliance with the scammers or indulge them because it will put your number on the victims’ list which will make you keep receiving more scam alerts.

Sometimes they try to convince you with information that appears to be the truth and ask you to confirm it, these information may be facts that they gathered from something you mentioned previously or from someone that knows you or from your social media handle. Care must be taken so you do not fall victims to these scammers, if you are in need of a Clairvoyant psychic medium Washington, you contact them and ask them about their fees and the materials you will be given when you pay their fees if you suspect anything fishy please discontinue the transaction.

Everyone has a form of psychic ability, something as simple as gut instinct, seeing events that will happen in the future, ways in which you can develop your psychic abilities are through meditation, going for workshops and understanding the gift you have.

There are seven known psychic abilities, which are (1) Clairvoyance, (2) Clairaudience, (3) Clairempathy,(4) Clairsentience, (5) Claialience, (6) Clairgustance (7) Clairtangency

  • Clairvoyance: It is also known as CLEAR SEEING, it is defined as the ability to see or have visions. Using a clairvoyant medium, you can see things presented to you with your third eye or these things can come as a flash. These mental flashes include pictures of places, people, scenes, spirit, symbol and color.
  • Clairaudience: Also known as clear hearing, it can be described as the ability to hear things said from the spirit realm, messages from this realm are transmitted directly in the mind. Sometimes you can hear your name being called, or sounds that seem like you are listening to a radio.
  • Clairempathy: It is the same thing as sensing emotions, every human can sense emotions but a human being who is empathic senses emotions from humans or spirits. With this, you have the ability to feel another person Joy, pride, sadness, anger, fear and happiness.
  • ClairSentience: This is the ability to sense feelings, the feeling is intuition or gut feelings. This enables you to sense both negative and positive feelings, this feeling is transmitted by your guides, you can be warned that something negative is about to happen as a feeling that something is not right or feel excited when something good is about to happen.
  • Clairalience: This is defined as the ability to perceive a scent transmitted from the spirit realm, people around you who do not have such powers cannot smell it, the spirit uses the person’s perfume or a smell related to the person, so you can know the message is for the person.
  • Clairgustance: This is the sense of taste, in a situation like this the spirit can send a message using a particular taste or flavor, or sometimes the taste of the food they loved while alive.
  • Clairtangency: It is also known as psychometry, which means touch or feeling, you can receive a message while holding something in your hands, the object being held in your hands but has the attribute of the owner, when holding it, you may find out what has happened to the owner both in the past or present. One person may possess more than one psychic ability, almost everyone has used their guy feeling at one time or the other, for some people it’s nothing while in others it’s a psychic ability.


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