If you are planning to buy a condominium, there is certain information that you must have known. The buyer is responsible for providing all necessary documents before closing a sale.

Hiring the right realtor is necessary if you want to buy condos in Studio City. You can ask the following questions before finalizing the deal with your realtor:

1) What is Your Experience?

Realtors who have been working for at least five years are best to hire. It is proven by the number of successful deals they have closed. The more experienced, the better it is because you can expect them to know what to do in marketing your property.

2) How Do You Market A Property?

A realtor with a proven track of selling properties quickly is the one to hire. Some of the marketing strategies are:

  1. a) Open Houses

Open houses are an excellent way to market properties. A realtor with an open house event is most likely to sell the property quickly because buyers want to check out the inside of the unit. Even if you are not in town, your realtor can take photos of the unit and attach them to an email.

  1. b) Flyers and Post Card Ads

You can distribute flyers and postcard ads to your neighbor. Leaflets distributed by hand at community events are more likely to be read than those posted inside mailboxes. You may opt for social media marketing depending on potential buyers’ likes.

  1. c) Newspaper Ads

A realtor who invests in running an ad at the local newspaper is likely to sell the property.

  1. d) Email Marketing

Your email address will appear in your listing on popular real estate sites. This way, contact you through emails about showings.

3) How Active Is Your Team?

When you hire a realtor, it is best to ask about their team. See how active the members are in marketing your property. The more engaged they are, the greater your chances of selling your property quickly.

4) Can You Get Updates On How The Market Is Doing?

Ask your realtor to know what is going on in the real estate market. There are times when you can’t attend open houses or walk-throughs because of work and family responsibilities. Ask them for reports about how many showings were done and the feedback from potential buyers.

5) Do You Have A Follow-Up Program?

A realtor should be willing to follow up with you when you buy condos in Studio City. If they do not bother to check on the unit and send photos every once in a while, it’s best to hire another real estate agent.

6) What Services Do You Offer?

There are services that your condominium association provides, such as a gym and a pool. Ask your realtor what services they offer that you can use during your stay in the building. Visit their office once in a while to have dinner with fellow owners.

Some services are:

  1. a) Air-conditioning and Heating

You can ask for an inspection to ensure your unit is in good condition.

  1. b) Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pick-up and Delivery
  2. c) 24 Hour Security and Concierge Services
  3. d) Resident Business Center, Mail Room, Conference Room, Private Offices with Wi-Fi Access, Outdoor Garden and Lounge
  4. e) Fitness Center with Yoga Studio

It is best to ask questions from a realtor before signing the contract. This way, it guarantees that you and your real estate agent know each other and the procedures involved in selling your condominium unit or finding a place for you to live. By knowing their strong points, you can prepare to market the property.

7)  What Are Your Fees?

Hire a realtor who charges only the standard and agreed fee. Sometimes, it may be necessary to ask for referrals from your friends or colleagues. They can recommend trustworthy realtors in selling single-family homes in Studio City.

If they do not know any, you can visit popular real estate sites to get an idea of how much you should spend for the transaction. You should hire someone who gives free consultation or service instead of hiring one that charges high fees upfront.

8) How Do You Prepare A Presentation For The Condo?

A realtor must provide a PowerPoint presentation for your unit to market it correctly. Their marketing tools are essential in selling the property online.

9) How Do You Prepare The Documents For Closing?

Your realtor must prepare documents for closing. It is their responsibility to check every single detail before signing the contract. They should have a checklist of all necessary papers, fees payable upon conclusion, and other requirements you need to accomplish before moving in.


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