Have you heard of Michael Carluccio? If not, you should learn about him. He is truly a musical legend in his own way. Sure, he may not be as well-known or typically famous as the likes of John Legend or Jon Bon Jovi, but once you see him perform live, you will need to pick your jaw up from the ground. So, who is Michael Carluccio? 

He is known as the Rat Pack singer, and he is also proud of being considered one of the top Frank Sinatra tribute artists. His talents go way beyond that of Frank and the sounds of the Rat Pack – Michael Carluccio is not only a singer, but he is also a performer. If you want to hire a singer for a party in Michigan, any type of party, then Michael Carluccio will be honored to be there to provide entertainment. 

You won’t find him standing stiffly belting out notes – after all, you enjoy singing with your eyes and your ears! This is what sets Michael Carluccio apart from similar live entertainers – the fact that he can genuinely entertain and hold the room’s attention. 

So what sort of events does Michael Carluccio like to perform at? The best answer to that question is simply – anything! He is happy to perform at an intimate gathering with only a few people present, and he is also happy to be the hired singer for a large party in Warren, Michigan. Anywhere that can benefit from a live singer and a live performer, he will be happy to attend. 

Michael Carluccio loves to travel and sing in a variety of different locations, so no matter where your party is located, he will find a way to get there. All you need to do is provide an area for him to sing in, and a place for your audience to sit or stand and let Michael Carluccio’s voice do the rest. 

Do not make the mistake of others and organize an ordinary, commercial band or singer for the entertainment at your party. If you want your event or party to stand out from the others and be memorable, then you need to give your guests something to remember. And there is nothing quite as impressive as a live singer that can captivate an audience like Michael Carluccio. 

There is a reason why he is considered to be the king of crooners, and it has nothing to do with royalty. He has spent his life perfecting his art – his singing voice. Imagine having a party or event and having Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, George Strait and Elvis all perform? You would think that this is impossible? Not when you hire Michael Carluccio. 

He knows all of the greatest hits (and some of the lesser known but still fabulous songs) from these legends, and will sing them in such a way to honor them and their songs. Michael Carluccio is the closest thing to these singing legends that anyone could get. Just because their time may be over, does not mean that their songs or singing style is over as well. 

Michael Carluccio is determined to make their memories live on, and he does this by singing their songs (and others) in such a way that would make them proud. 

No matter what type of party you are hosting, Michael Carluccio will bring something extra that cannot be beaten. Even if you have the best venue and the best food, and a room full of energetic people, a party is simply not a party without good music and great entertainment. 

Michael Carluccio understands what it takes to take a party from drab to fab, and he has made it his life’s work to do just that. Michael Carluccio is not happy unless everyone at the party is having a great time, and he finds a way to bring energy to even the most intimate of parties. 

So whether you want to liven up a large private event or something smaller with the girls, or to show off in front of your work colleagues, then remember Michael Carluccio’s name when you are hiring the entertainment.


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