In many cultures, many people feel that one of the best ways to honor and respect the dead is through decorating their graves with flowers, wreaths, or other symbolic gifts and gestures. Some feel a deep responsibility to complete this task and think of it as a sign of disrespect if their relatives’ graves go unadorned.

Whether you are looking to send them for a family member or simply wishing to display your sympathy to a friend while they mourn, the flowers you choose will say a lot. There are different kinds of flowers, colors, and arrangements for every message. The most common and smaller option includes flowers and wreaths. They are perfect for showing your respect and support.

Flowers and wreaths convey our care and sympathy to family, friends, or colleagues who mourn the loss of one they love. This post will focus on what we should know about this kind of floral arrangement by explaining the various types of funeral blooms and the reasons for having them.

There are three types of flower arrangements often seen in funerals – the casket spray, the interior casket piece, and the standing spray.

Casket Spray

As the name suggests, a casket spray is a floral arrangement placed on top of the casket. For funerals, your florist can prepare a smaller casket spray to place near the deceased’s picture. Casket sprays often come from the family of the deceased, a kid who wants to honor their loved one or a spouse. During a burial, the casket spray will usually be taken to the cemetery and left behind at the cemetery.

Standing Spray

On the other hand, a standing spray is funeral flowers in the shape of a cross or wreath that hang from a tripod. Like the casket spray, this is often sent by family members next to the spouse or offspring. It is a traditional composition that people are using for ages to show their condolences. Flower wreath prices may vary based on your selection of flowers.

The best thing about these floral arrangements is that they can be brought home or given to a church, hospital, or nursing home, where they can be enjoyed since they dry.

Interior Casket Piece

An interior casket piece is a relatively minimal floral arrangement that can be set inside the coffin’s top corner. This floral composition often comes from grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It can also be designed so it would match the other funeral flowers given by other family members.

Flowers have long been identified with funerals. There are many archaeological proofs that show that flowers were used to bury with remains of our Neanderthal ancestors in the past. Most historians accept the fact that flowers are a symbol of the cycle of life. The seeding and blossoming are correlated to a human’s progression through life.

Many flowers carry their seeds with them and are considered as a symbol of human life, for even if the loved ones are no longer with us, the memory of them remains and will keep them alive. There was also a scientific use for flowers in the past; before our modern embalming methods were perfected, flowers hid the odor of decay.

There are some who are unsure about sending flowers to a funeral, as some believe that sending flowers is a waste since they don’t last long. But they should know that flowers can make a difference. Flowers can be a big source of comfort for families.

When a family who has just lost someone walks into the wake and sees funeral flowers’ arrangements, they know that others care about them and the deceased.

Placing the flowers and wreaths on the graveyard

When it comes to placing flowers and wreaths on graves, you need to follow your heart. If you feel as if this would have been important to your loved one, then do it. If decorating your loved one’s grave is a part of your mourning process, do it.

The most important thing to remember is to follow the cemetery rules.Be considerate of other visitors when you visit a cemetery. A cemetery is not a place for boisterous activity or loud discussions. Besides, it’s seen as poor etiquette and disrespectful to walk over a headstone.

Many people choose to talk to their deceased loved ones as they place flowers on the grave. Others may offer a prayer. You may want to use the time as a silent reflection.


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