When we are engaged in construction or renovation, we think over style, design, construction and finishing materials, work progress, and other important points to the smallest detail. But almost no one thinks about safety and their health. But, at every step, we are in danger. Once in the eyes, it causes severe irritation and is not excreted from the respiratory tract at all. Or here’s another example. In the process of welding, sparks from the hot metal fly in different directions. Once on clothes, especially synthetic ones, they begin to melt the fabric quickly, resulting in fire or severe burns. During electrical work, you risk getting an electric shock. Painting the walls with paint – get poisoned or get allergic. A brick at a construction site will surely fall on someone’s head and give a concussion. The list is endless. Remember, safety is very important! Compliance and the use of safety and personal protective equipment will help keep a person healthy.

Safety requirement at construction work

 Doesn’t matter if you work on a large construction site or install a gazebo in your country house, compliance with safety precautions should be mandatory! Any construction site is a risk zone. To avoid an emergency, you must not be negligent in protecting your health. In addition to what you need to know and follow the rules, the worker must be armed with overalls and personal protective equipment. This will save him from injuries and harmful factors during construction work. Construction injuries that most often occur due to inappropriate attitudes towards safety:

  1. Falling from a height;
  2. The collapse of structures and the fall of heavy objects on the head;
  3. Electric shock.

 To avoid these accidents, it is important to use restraints when working at height. Wear a hard hat on your head, and do not walk in hazardous areas on the construction site. Use protective gloves and insulated tools when installing electrical equipment. You need to take a responsible attitude to your safety, therefore:

  • Do not work on the site at night and in bad weather;
  • You cannot be at the construction site after the end of your shift;
  • Of course, you cannot work in a state of alcoholic intoxication, with poor health or lack of sleep the previous night.

How to keep your body safe during construction work?

 Now let’s take a closer look at the safety and personal protective equipment during the construction work:

  • Construction helmet: Protects the head from shock, electric shock, and chemicals.
  • Overalls are special clothing to protect a person from injury, current, cold, moisture, dust, dirt, sparks, harmful radiation, toxic chemicals. It is presented in the form of overalls and cotton suits, robes, and warm jackets. Overalls should be light, comfortable, not restrict movement or interfere with work. Choose clothes according to the type of work you plan to do.
  • Gloves: These are means of protecting hands from wounds, dust and dirt, burns and frostbite, toxins and harmful chemicals, from electric shocks and radiation. The material from which they are made can be linen, leather, wool, cotton, or rubber. It all depends on the destination. It is better to buy protective gloves with a margin since you cannot work with torn gloves.
  • Boots: Foot protection. High-quality, comfortable and safe footwear is also important when performing construction work and repairs. Also, to keep your feet from hurting, use knee pads and protective shields.
  • Safety glasses: Open or closed, transparent or tinted. Protect eyes from mechanical and thermal damage, dust, and debris. Choose your glasses by size so that they fit comfortably and snugly to your face. When buying, pay attention to what purpose is indicated on the label: painting, general construction work, working with a hammer drill, or just cleaning.
  • Safety Shields: Protect your eyes from open flames, molten materials, and hot liquids. They can be versatile for use in all types of construction work. Or they can be specialized with a helmet mount. Welding shields must be equipped with a light filter.
  • Protective respirators: Gas masks or aerosols. These filters clean the inhaled air from smoke, dust, and toxic impurities. Fit exactly to size. It should be from the chin to the deepening of the bridge of the nose.
  • Headphones or earplugs: Protect your hearing if the noise level from construction work is higher than normal.

To not risk your life and health once again, it is simply important to carry out repair and construction work in overalls and with personal protection. Everything should be not only of high quality but also correctly selected. The use of protective equipment reduces the number of injuries and accidents. Safety personal protective equipment suppliers offer a very large selection of protective items and work wear. Provide yourself and your employees with everything you need so that you will insure lives against accidents.


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