Living your life and achieving your goals is very feasible. Hiding behind the facade that is schizophrenia will do you no good. Lots of people have been in this same situation and so it is very possible to conquer this illness.

But what do you do when you feel a few unknown symptoms around you? How do you get a proper test done? These and many more are the questions that plague the heart of a schizophrenic patient.

In this article, a comprehensive guide on how to diagnose this illness early and how to go about its treatment is written for you.

Schizophrenia Test in Ecuador

Diagnosing a schizophrenia patient cannot do with just normal eyes only. You need to meet with medical personnel to carry out certain tests to be sure it is schizophrenia you are dealing with. The reason for this is that some other mental illnesses may arise with the same symptoms as that of schizophrenia.

It is advised that before the commencement of the form of treatment, proper diagnosis must have been done on the individual.

Schizophrenia Test Diagnosis

  • A few blood, oral and psychological test is done on the individual to know how severe the symptoms may have gotten and the treatments to best fit the individual
  • Your doctor will also have to verify that you do not have health issues. Peradventure there are, you’ll need to give this Information too as it will help in knowing what treatments are best for you.
  • Next up, you will be referred to a mental health practitioner for a proper psychological examination.

After these symptoms test have been completed, the family of the victim will need to provide the doctor with a few more needful information:

  • At what point individuals behavior began to change
  • Possible psychiatric disorders (if any at the moment)
  • Reaction to any kind of medications
  • The current level of socialization
  • If there is any history of mental illness in the family.

At the end of all these symptom tests, your doctor can now properly diagnose if it’s schizophrenia and what level it may have gotten to.

Surgical Procedures in Ecuador

Before you undergo any form of surgical operations especially for mental illness, it’s usually advised you know the cost. And so, schizophrenia treatment will often cost an average of $25,940 per patient, per year.

Getting treatment in Ecuador could be a good deal. This is because the health care system in Ecuador is standard. However, if you are outside of Ecuador and need treatment, then whatever hospital will render quality service to you is good enough.

In preparing for surgery, there are a few things you should look out for before choosing a hospital of your choice. They are:


As said earlier, there is an average cost of treatment a year but as you know, the severity of schizophrenia illness varies. This determines if the price will be higher or probably lower.

Before proceeding with the operations, you need to correspond your budget with the price given.

Find a Surgeon

Not just anyone can perform schizophrenia surgical operations. In a bid to get this operation, I’ll advise you to go with a specialist.

With their experience over the years, you are sure that you are in safe hands. Getting a specialist in Ecuador is very feasible.


Before going for any surgical operations be sure you have all your diagnosis documented. Oftentimes, some medical practitioners may want to carry out their diagnosis test. This may only happen if you switched hospitals.

Surgery Process

When it’s time for the actual surgery, having a little faith in your surgeon is helpful. This will reduce the stress the thought of worrying would have added to your mind thereby complicating issues.

There are well-trained surgeons in Ecuador ready to give you the best of their abilities. So it is very possible to get appropriate surgical care in Ecuador.

Recovery Stage

Schizophrenia surgeries usually take time to completely recover or it may take a while to be able to live with it manageable. Hospitals in Ecuador are ready to give you the best of their assistance and watch you recover fully.


Finding yourself amid this process can be daunting but it is definitely for a better life and so it’s worth it. Schizophrenia does not mean the end of the world. Don’t lose hope yet and try to get your treatment done so you can live the life you desire.


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