Scuba diving in Santa Teresa is quite popular among a large number of people. Every year, tourists visit Costa Rica for entertainment, enjoy its graceful landscapes, and enjoy a wide variety of water games. To see the beauty of the sea depths, you need to master the scuba diving technique perfectly. Having got several underwater movement styles and the method of holding your breath, you can easily swim in the open sea, have fun and recharge yourself. Let’s know more about Scuba diving in Santa Teresa.

A Concise Note on Scuba diving in Santa Teresa

Costa Rica is a small but fascinating country in Central America with charming rainforests, various wildlife, and magical diving. Scuba diving provides an opportunity to make a fascinating journey to the open sea and touch the underwater world’s unique ecosystem. Companies offer training sessions for scuba divers to let them have ultimate fun & entertainment.

Preparing For Scuba Diving

You can’t just go to a warm country bordering the ocean or the sea, get scuba gear, and start exploring the underwater kingdom. Scuba diving requires training, the necessary equipment, an instructor, theoretical knowledge, and minimal practical skills. Yes, and you need to know where to go so that diving will bring the necessary results, meet expectations and give a lot of positive emotions.


Scuba diving classes are not possible without special equipment.


Scuba mask and fins,

Scuba gear and

A cylinder filled with compressed air.

Each diver determines the list of additional elements for themselves. You can bring gloves, a depth gauge, a watch, a helmet, a powerful flashlight, a knife, and a camera.

How To Prepare For Scuba Dives?

Diving underwater is a dangerous activity during which unforeseen situations may arise. You must understand this before going scuba diving. To protect yourself and prepare for the upcoming dive, you need to complete preliminary training, learn theoretical material, and gain practical experience. If you ignore these tips and go on a trip without special training, then diving can turn into a tragedy or at least discourage you from experimenting with extreme sports for a long time.

In Costa Rica, there are many federations and a sufficient number of associations whose activities are related to scuba diving. By selecting one of them, you can complete a training course. After completing this course, you get a certificate. Such training is mandatory for those who have never tried scuba-diving underwater before.

Recommendations For Scuba Diving:

Overcome Your Fear

Get rid of your fear of water completely. This factor is one of the most dangerous when swimming. Sudden panic often leads to inappropriate behavior of inexperienced swimmers.

Feel The Water

Swimming underwater is noticeably different from normal gliding on water. It is necessary to get used to the new “living conditions.” To dive to the depths, you need to command a specific technique. Even a simple dive is challenging at first, as the water pushes out a person who does not know how to descend correctly.

Breathe Properly

Always inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose. Learn to exhale without sniffing water at the same time. This skill is one of the basic ones in the training program. Thanks to high-quality breath retention, you will be not only able to learn how to swim expertly at depth but also feel safe.

Command all the basic skills you might need when swimming underwater. Dive, move in different directions, correctly calculate the time until you reach the surface.

Underwater Swimming Techniques

To move underwater quickly and without unnecessary energy expenditure, you need to command the scuba diving technique. For movement, use various modifications of the crawl and breaststroke. You need to be physically fit to do well in scuba diving. So, take training from experts. Yoga teacher training in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica will help you in this regard.

Underwater Breaststroke

In the classic breaststroke, the swimmer simultaneously puts both hands forward, and with his feet, performs a push movement in the horizontal move. Unlike the regular breaststroke, the swimmer performs long strokes in the underwater game – up to the hips. A prolonged slide follows this. The footwork is the same as in a regular breaststroke.

Costa Rica is an essential destination for all travelers who love to enjoy peace of mind, beautiful nature, beaches, and the underwater world. Scuba diving in Santa Teresa is more than fun and entrapment. Just choose a service provider who gives training in scuba diving and supervises your movement. You will have quality time while touring Costa Rica.






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