Would you like to take a break from the usual and spend some time learning about culture, plants, animals, and medicine? Sometimes, a vacation is all you need to relieve yourself of the stress of your daily activities. What better place is there to visit than the famous city of Iquitos, Peru? This city houses various types of cultures with unique activities that often attract the rest of the world. Let’s embark on this virtual adventure and see for yourself what the city is made of.

What Lies in Peru?

All over the internet, there are remarks about Peru being one of the developing countries in the world, yet with incredible tourist attractions. What you may find, as a guest, in this country may even be surprising to you. Before you start your adventure, you need state-of-the-art accommodation in Amazon Jungle, Santa Maria. Ideally, several places offer lodging services; however, only one place is outstanding – Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center.

The Lodging and Retreat Center in Amazon Jungle is one of many that will help guests feel welcomed into the country. Selva Vida provides accommodation services and hosts even retreat programs that will positively influence the wellbeing of anyone who comes into the country. We promise our guests our full attention, and we’ve lived up to that reputation for many years.

What Does Selva Vida Offer?

We’ve seen so many visitors complain about low accommodation or limited activities during their stay in the country. On our side, we don’t ever encounter such situations with our guests – a great percentage of them leave us with positive remarks. Apart from our accommodation in amazon jungle Santamaria, we have a couple of programs available. Some of these programs include Ayahuasca Retreat in Santa Maria Peru, a visit to Kambo retreat center in Santa Maria Peru, and even San Pedro Retreat.

Why not let’s take a look at each of our services, and find out if our retreat center with lodging  in Santa Maria, Peru is not worth it?

Our Accommodation

Selva Vida’s accommodation in Amazon Jungle, Santa Maria has to be one of the fascinating city choices. It is designed in such a way that an individual or group of people can enjoy seeming comfort. Our rooms are well-facilitated with nature vibes and serenity.

Before checking-in, an online application for Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center services must have been accepted. In the application, you will be requested to choose a room package that will be suitable for you or your family and friends. We have four room packages available for various guests who visit our lodge.A Deluxe Double Room with Double Bed

  • A Deluxe Double Room with Two Single Beds
  • A Deluxe Triple Room with Double & Single Beds
  • A Superior Triple Room with Jungle View

Each of these rooms is comfortable with a solar-paneled shower and constant electricity. There is also the inclusion of 3 healthy and delicious meals per day for each package. Indeed, this lodging and retreat center in Amazon Jungle provides the necessary amenities for comfort.

Our Retreat Programs

A couple of programs benefitted from Selva Vida’s retreat center with lodging  in Santa Maria Peru include;

  • Ayahuasca Retreat

The Ayahuasca retreat in Santa Maria Peru is one of the most popular highlights of your visit to the country. Here, you are educated about the Amazonian medicinal plant, Ayahuasca, which provides impressive healing benefits to humans. Shamans organize sessions for this retreat program to teach how to use this plant as an elixir to many ailments and addictions.

  • Kambo Retreat

At the Kambo retreat center in Santa Maria Peru, guests are also taught the medicinal benefits of Kambo, a harvested substance from Amazon tree frog’s poisonous secretions. The sessions are incredible because you will learn their different efficacies in treating conditions, such as Depression, Organ Diseases, Fertility Problems, etc.

  • San Pedro

Following the accommodation in Amazon Jungle in Santa Maria and the retreats mentioned above programs, there is also the San Pedro Retreat. It is also one of the oldest medicines used by the natives to treat several ailments. It works solely to enhance creativity, improve consciousness, and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

The best lodging and retreat center amazon jungle always has several things in store for guests. According to what we’ve described of our services at Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center, we don’t fall short in any way. From the fantastic accommodation, Ayahuasca retreat in Santa Maria Peru, to the Kambo Retreat Center Santa Maria Peru and San Pedro retreat, we are committed to giving our guests the best experience.


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