Some health challenges older adults face can be managed and averted with proper exercise. However, most people are apathetic to exercise. Many older adults are reluctant to exercise because they are unaware of the impact exercising has on their health. That is why active agers fitness training Albany NY has provided information on the dangers of not exercising regularly.

The following may occur when you do not exercise regularly:

1. Insomnia

Exercises are a good way of maintaining a healthy sleep pattern. Exercising improves sleep duration and sleeps quality. Insomnia can manifest in difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or restless sleep. Insomnia is one of the significant health conditions the elderly may have to deal with if they do not exercise adequately. The active agers fitness coaching services Albany NY has designed age-appropriate exercise programs to help you stay active. Exercise helps tackle insomnia because it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Older adults who deal with insomnia risk suffering from cognitive impairment and depression.

2. Risk of becoming diabetic

Individuals who don’t exercise risk having higher blood sugar levels. As people age, they are encouraged to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly and increase their physical activity. They are encouraged to monitor their sugar level and improve exercise because older adults are at more risk of becoming diabetic. Lack of exercise increases the risk of developing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Complications from diabetes include cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, skin conditions, visual and hearing impairments, and depression. Regular exercise helps control your blood sugar level and can even manage diabetes. When you exercise, your muscles use up glucose in your blood, reducing the blood sugar level.

3. Reduced stamina level

Not engaging in physical activities reduces your ability to endure discomfort or stress. To determine if you have low stamina, check how difficult it is to focus on tasks without becoming distracted quickly. When consistently followed, workout programs designed by active aging senior fitness training Albany, NY will increase your stamina. Having increased endurance makes you complete tasks with less energy.

4. Risk of having high blood pleasure

Individuals who do not exercise regularly are prone to become hypertensive, which is the term for having high blood pressure. High blood pressure occurs when fatty materials build up in your arteries. A clogged artery can cause poor blood circulation and heart failure. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. Lack of exercise is a leading factor in high blood pressure risk for older adults. Exercising is an effective way of reducing high blood pressure. Based on your endurance and mobility level, active agers fitness training Albany NY would place you on an exercise regimen to decrease your chances of becoming hypertensive.

5. Obesity

You risk becoming obese when you do not exercise regularly. Exercising is an effective preventive measure against obesity and helps control weight. An unhealthy diet and lack of adequate physical activities are contributors to obesity. Consistent exercising helps decrease total body fat, reducing your chances of becoming obese. You must regularly engage in the correct exercises to maintain a healthy weight. Becoming obese makes you at risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers. When combined with dietary modification, exercising improves your fitness and wellbeing.

6. Decreased mobility and endurance level

Individuals with recorded mobility and flexibility issues attest that they do not exercise regularly. At active agers fitness coaching services Albany NY, you engage in flexibility exercises that would increase your mobility and endurance level. When you are flexible, you increase your range of motion and reduce stiffness. Staying flexible prevents you from getting injured easily. Even if you have limited mobility, specific exercises are appropriate for you. The heart and lungs gain strength during physical activities due to improved blood circulation.

7. Increased cholesterol level

Failure to exercise can contribute to a hike in LDL harmful cholesterol levels in your body. High cholesterol levels put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Exercise increases the level of HDL, the good cholesterol in your body.


We advise that you embrace a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet with regular exercise, to reduce your chances of health conditions and increase your lifespan. Active aging senior fitness training Albany NY is committed to helping you stay fit and improve your wellbeing.


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