French history is full of artifacts, warfare, revolutions, and ideals for the world. You can take a lot of inspiration from French history. But the question arises how to do this? You can make your home appear like a French kingdom palace by placing French antique furniture in your home like antique French mirrors in Houston, sofa, wall hangings, etc.

When added to the taste of antique European culture, your home will appear a palace to the guests. They will not leave your house without admiring its luxurious look and comfortable atmosphere.

List of French antique items that you can buy for your home.

Following is the list of few antique mirrors that you can look to buy –

  • Napoleon III Gilt Wood Mirror features –

The 19th-century antique mirror is perfect to be fitted in your hall or bedroom. It has got a twisted rope frame design, with a classical cartouche design.

  • Italian Baroque Gilt Mirror

This antique mirror is built in the 18th century or earlier. It has got mercury glass. The size of your mirror is 12″ x 14.5″.

Louis XVI Trumeau –

Shops selling Antique French mirrors in Houston bring you this 18th-century antique mirror. It is made with giltwood and urn with ribbon swags and laurel leaves. The size of your mirror is 37″ x 2″ x72″.

Napoleon III Mirror in the Style of Louis XV –

This mirror brought to you by Antique French mirror shops in Houston was manufactured in the 19th century. Made completely with wood, it features original gilding along with hand-beveled glass. The sides of your glass are carved with fertile grape vines design, which attracts everyone’s eyes.

Venetian Painted Mirror –

Mostly liked by women, this mirror is of the 19th century. It has got a blue background, having painted floral designs along with giltwood accents.

Shops selling antique French mirrors in Houston, besides selling antique mirrors, also sell you other types of furniture sets. You can buy any of them or all of them to add beauty to your home. They are as follows –

  • 1760 French Wood Angel Wings –

Going for this antique French mirror will give you real-life experience of a bird. They have layered and curved feathers. Made in the 18th century, they are perfect for hanging or mounting anything as they have metal rings on each wing’s back. What makes it beautiful is hand-carved finishing with uniquely designed angel wings.

  • Lite Iron & Wood Chandelier from Florence –

It is also an 18th-century antique French wardrobe made in Florence. It has got 23k water detailing. It is hand-carved to fulfill your custom needs. You can hang this beautiful chandelier in the middle of your hall. It is absolutely an eye-catcher for the visitors coming to your house.


This 18th-century cupboard is brought to you by antique French mirror shops in Houston to fulfill your storage needs. The lower cabinet of your cupboard gives multiple storage opportunities. It has got wired mesh door panels, which reveal your furniture’s blue-green interior to the people standing in front of it.

Choose antique French mirror shops in Houston that provide great customer service.

A company becomes the best if it has made happy customers for it. Thus, the antique French mirror shop in Houston should provide you with great customer service.

The furniture and antique mirrors you are buying should be hand-carved, as it makes your mirrors highly refined and unique in design. The material used in the manufacturing of your antique mirror should be termite, insect, and mold-free. It provides longevity to your antique French mirror.

Your antique French mirror is delivered to you via transportation once you order it online. Hence, you should ensure that the furniture set you are buying should not have any manufacturing defect in it. Your furnishings’ transportation should also be smooth; it ensures there is no damage to your French mirror during transportation. If there is any damage upon arrival, your shop should have a hassle-free return policy.

How to buy an antique French mirror in Houston?

You can visit the website of your antique French mirror shop in Houston. You can surf their inventory area and find what they have for you to choose from. Once you like that antique French mirror, you can place the order for that. But don’t forget to note its dimensions; it will ensure it fits perfectly in your home. To clear any of your queries, you can contact them on email id or contact number mentioned on the website.


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