Communication is a key component of today’s businesses. In the context of contemporary business communication, it is more than just phone call but also includes teleconferencing and video-conferencing alongside other communication channels such as emails, chat, texts, and mobile apps. With the changing technology, communication media is improving rapidly. Currently, there are options such as the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that s widely used by many businesses because it is less costly to sustain.

The VoIP is popular among internet-based phones, though, it is not adequate by itself for communication. A more unified communication approach is necessary to help support voice, text, conferencing, uploads, downloads, and conferencing. As business evaluate the best services to get from the SIP VoIP Service providers Pinellas County, there arises the need to know the differences between SIP and VoIP. It is also crucial to know their pros and cons so that a business can best choose the option that suit their mode of operation.

How does SIP differ from VoIP?

SIP is the abbreviation for Session Initiated Protocol and is defined as the signaling protocol that is used to initiate, maintain, and terminate real-time sessions. VoIP, on its part, is Voice over Internet Protocol. Sometimes it is called IP telephony and is described simply as a group of technologies used to deliver voce communication and multimedia. From the definition, there isn’t any direct comparison between the two. SIP is essentially the communication protocol that is used in the various type of VoIP technology deployments.

Thus, any phone call that is made over the internet is broadly referred to as VoIP and is different from the traditional use of telephone lines to transmit phone calls. The VoIP technology relies on data connectivity to enable the transmission of voice packets. SIP, on is part, supports the signaling and control of video, voice, and messaging apps.

When looking for SIP VoIP service providers St. Petersburg, it is crucial to know that although SIP is the technology used to support and scale VoIP, it is the case that not all VoIP is backed by the SIP technology. It is just one of the protocols among several others than can be used to scale communications in VoIP enabled business setups. In these settings, SIP technology scales up communication from video calls to video-conferencing capabilities and also includes additional services such as instant messaging, texts, chat, and other forms or multimedia communication.

SIP is without a doubt the most common protocol used in these types of communication technologies though the protocol can be interpreted in different ways by various vendors.

How do you choose the right protocol?

Unless you are already savvy in tech, there is a high chance that you do not have a solid grasp on the various internet protocol and communication technologies that can be ideal for your business. Luckily, the SIP VoIP service providers Pinellas County have a department of customer service that can help you arrive at actionable points when it comes to the choosing an appropriate protocol for you. Other than the customer service at these companies, you can also do a little reading from blog posts such as this one or engage on social interaction platforms such as Reddit or Quora. You can always find useful information about what you are looking for from these sites.

The difference between SIP and VOIP is not the appropriate question when you are looking to switch to internet based communication systems. The appropriate question to ask yourself is whether the SIP implementation with the unified communication tools is the better fit for you or you can do perfectly well with the VOIP phone services. Factors such as your budget and the size of your business should be the key factors that determine the type of communication protocol or technology that you are going for.


You need SIP VOIP service providers St. Petersburg to help you understand your options or to help you evaluate the quality of potential products when you go shopping for phone systems to be used in your business. Appropriate consultations and adequate research will go a long way in helping you choose the appropriate product.


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