If you are looking for a sober house in Methuen there are many treatment and recovery programs out there these days. You may find that some come with promises of new innovative solutions, but the truth is the most tried and true method for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Their literature and programs have helped countless numbers of people to find the road to recovery. Sober House, Inc. is a sober center in Methuen that utilizes the 12 step program and helps to support people in recovery by requiring attendance at meetings, as well as weekly meetings with a sponsor. This is incredibly effective, as Sober House, Inc also includes many other practices to support a drug and alcohol free lifestyle such as drug testing and a zero tolerance policy toward alcohol.

Why the 12 Step Program Works

The 12 step program is tried and true and it has worked for many people over the years. Let’s take a look at how and why the 12 step program is so successful, and why you should look for a sober center in Methuen that uses the 12 steps as its foundation.


The 12 step program provides real solutions that work. When someone is ready to face and conquer addiction. They are ready for answers and real long term solutions, and that is exactly what these programs can provide.


12 step programs and their meetings are easy to find almost anywhere that you happen to be. They are completely free to join and attend the meetings. Anyone can join anytime! It is a place of acceptance and non-judgementalness, and is always welcoming to new people.


The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous provides many examples of real life stories of others who have battled addiction. It gives you a real opportunity to identify your own problem areas and solutions.

It Is a Gift

AA is a gift given from the many who have been there to those who are embarking and traveling on the journey of recovery. It is an extension of love and nothing more with no strings outside of sobriety, attached.

Sober Center in Methuen

If you are seeking a sober house in Methuen, consider Sober House, Inc. They are a 12 step based recovery addiction center that can provide you with the support that you need to conquer addiction once and for all.


Sober House, Inc for men is a 20 bed sober house in Methuen. They offer single, double, and triple room share options. Each room comes with linens, closets, shelves and/or bureau combinations, and free air conditioning. The house has 4 and a half bathrooms, 4 community rooms, 2 dining rooms, a sun-room/shoe room, and a fully equipped kitchen. The kitchen even has an awesome 3 door refrigerator! Toiletries such as linens, shampoo, soap, conditioner, nail filer, slippers, flip flops are given to new residents. Off-street parking is also made available to our residents.


It is very important to understand that this is a sober living environment and there is absolutely no tolerance at all of any type of drug or alcohol use or gambling. This includes ‘non-alcoholic’ beer or wine. Mouthwash or medications with alcohol are not allowed. Only over-the-counter medication that is on the “Safe List” may be used. To establish an environment that is here to help you succeed it is of the utmost importance that you carefully abide by these policies.

Sober House, Inc.

Sober House, Inc is a sober center in Methuen that was founded in 2020 by Danielle Donohue and Jason Loomer. Their primary mission is to provide a stable, structured, and recovery experience for addicts and alcoholics. The goal is to work with each individual collaboratively on personal growth and to improve their life skills. Sober House Inc. helps ensure their residents create clear, concise goals that help them build their careers and also a network of family and friends. At Sober House, Inc, residents grow through 12-step meetings, goal-setting, spiritual growth, and compassion.


If you are ready to take your own journey down the path of recovery, Sober House, Inc is the place that can give you the support that you need.  Please visit the Sober House, Inc. website for more information on sober living in Massachusetts as well as program details.


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