Sober homes Austin, TX, is strongly recommended for those new to sobriety or recovering following a period for optimal healing and relapse prevention.

Sober living or transient living is a sober home for people who have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety and preferably have undergone therapy at a residential treatment facility or an outpatient recovery program. Sober homes offer day-to-day care and structure to a cooperative living relationship and enable a newly sober individual to step on to life to live peacefully. See the Extended Treatment page for more organized and more prolonged life-saving solutions.

Austin sober living homes are typically gender-specific and have maintenance fees depending on accommodation, resources, and assistance. The houses listed on this page are in alpha order, defining the gender served and the location. Until you launch your search, make a list of what you’re going to do when you’re in a sober lifestyle.

  • Are you looking for a job?
  • Do you want to work?
  • Are you going to school?
  • Are you going to participate in the 12 Step meetings?
  • Would you be performing voluntary work/service work?

You’re going to want to pick a spot that is strategically close to your lifestyle needs.

Relocating to another area is often the only place to concentrate on your recovery and distance yourself from a toxic living climate. Sober living in Austin can be a wonderful experience, particularly for young people in recovery. Not only is it a growing city with plenty of options for schooling and work, but Austin is now home to a large and well-established culture of support for individuals in rehabilitation.

At harmonysoberliving, we help you maintain long-lasting sobriety by creating a healthy and community-driven recovery-focused living atmosphere. With a large men’s apartment complex, two women’s residences, and many apartments, all of our gender-specific sober living homes provide convenient and inclusive accommodation in a suitable location. With Austin’s well-established treatment network, convenient access to local public transportation, and ample job opportunities, this growing city is a perfect place to start a new sober life.

We provide a Transformative Sober Living Experience with ample support.

  • Recovery-driven programs: Our sober living services are tailored to help people succeed in their rehab. We provide IOPs, customized treatment plans, and integrated medical services, including job assistance, opioid testing, accredited peer recovery support, and more.
  • Community-focused living environment: Our Austin sober living homes provide comfortable, open communal spaces where tenants can enjoy each other’s business. We also have smaller, comfortable individual rooms so that people can enjoy private downtime.
  • Clinical Support: With quick access to health resources such as individual counseling, our residents will receive the private treatment they need to address personal problems that have the potential to impede their personal development.
  • Distraction-free spaces: Our sober living homes and services encourage occupants to exercise the life skills and techniques they have developed to rehabilitate without harmful distractions in their living room.

We provide desirable amenities for a memorable sober living experience; our standard facility rooms feature the following:

  • Cable
  • WiFi
  • Coffee lounge
  • Community center
  • Pet – friendly homes
  • Fitness center
  • Private pool
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Media center
  • Furnished rooms and homes

Apart from what you’re supposed to do inside our sober homes Austin, we want you to step out and slowly return to the real world. Our sober living homes in Austin, TX, provide excellent facilities within a safe distance of housing, colleges, and other establishments. This access to the myriad opportunities for schooling, work, and entertainment makes staying sober a fantastic healing opportunity when you’re in rehab. If you’re searching for sober living homes in Austin, TX, the harmonysoberliving Sober Living might be the perfect match for you!

Harmonysoberliving where recovery and optimization meets

At Harmonysoberliving Sober Living, we’re serious about sobriety. Our senior staff has 60+ years of sobriety combined. We believe in people’s potential for transformation and transformation.

We offer additional holistic programs and facilities that are not provided by most Sober Living Settings. If our citizens are doing the work, they have already completed or are only beginning their spiritual journeys. We are supplying the assistance that this phase demands.

The Harmonysoberliving Sober Living Houses are based in Austin, Texas. Separately, men and women are given homes. The single home is professionally furnished with luxurious facilities.

Creating daily habits and keeping a consistent schedule is vital for the transition to a recovery lifestyle. Residents engage in non-domestic events to promote rehabilitation, including sober activities, off-site 12-step services, and jobs. All clients take part in weekly sessions with the Harmonysoberliving Alumni Network.


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